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Ch.7 Scientific fact

I walked to my next class. This time I had a teacher named Mr.Gaster.

I hope nothing goes wrong in this class-and I spoke too soon!

Sitting in the class room is literally PJ and his whole entire group! Great...!

"Oh yeah, hey guys! I got something fun to tell ya!" BP laughed whispering to the group the moment he saw me.

Probably whispering about my phobia. Yup, I'm soo running out of this class the moment schools over.

The last few students came in late due to the bell ringer before they got to the door.

At least I had Blue Berry and Alphys to keep me company.

"Well, students. I'm Mr.Gaster, your science teacher. I'm going to let you know now that there will be no-" You know the regular science class rules, yeah thats what he was talking about.

"Im pretty sure you all have gotten to know each other enough today so we will start with your partners for the whole school year." Mr.Gaster said but my mind narrowed down to the last part.

Partner for the whole school year? Crap.

God please no.

"Here's the list, I'll read them out one by one." He said.

Please no.

"Alphys and Undyne."

God no.

"Swap and Fell."


"BP and Skater Girl."


"Reboot and Eraser."

Don't do this.

"Asreil and Frisk."

"Yes!" They yelled fist bumping.

"Boys." Mr.Gaster said.

"Sorry." They apologized.

Im beggin now, please no.

"Dream and Cross."

God. Please.

"Shifteh(OC) and Chara( Original Chara)."


"PJ and Fresh."

Ah! Well f*** my life.

"Those will will be your partners for the rest of the school year, and theres no switching either." Mr.Gaster said.

"Now tommorow we will learn about-" Yeah, tenth grade stuff. Yeah! (note sarcasm)

"Then this wensday we'll do a small project so get with your partners and find a seat." Mr.Gaster said in a monotone way.

Everyone went with their partners to a seat, and I moved next to PJ scooting away a little. Since he knows about my phobia I can't take any chances, especial with what happened so far between us today.

Chances are if he even slightly touched me I would jump, I can't take that risk.

For the whole class we didn't so much as even talk to each other, Mr.Gaster went over the rules again since BP and Skater girl happened to already be breaking them.

I used everything around me as a destraction not to make any contact with the jock next to me, I looked over at Blue Berry silently yelling for help. Yet he stared at me with the same look.

From what I could see everyone was kinda screaming for help, some more than others. The only ones that weren't were BP and Skater Girl, and Asreil and Frisk who were talking about random things.

Blue Berry smiled but his eyes showed he was nervous, Fell looked like he was nervous enough to pass out.

Alphys had a light blush ,and Undyne sat there with a worried look.

Eraser and Reboot both seemed a little nervous, but fine at the same time.

Then there was two skelletons I didn't recognized, but from role call they were obvously Dream and Cross. They both seemed a little nervous, but Cross was more noticeable then Dream.

Then finally Chara and Shifteh sat there. Shifteh seemed more angry than nervous, and Chara seemed to glare nervously at Shifteh but scooted away instead.

Skater girl and BP were arguing with Mr.Gaster still.

When I knew no one was looking I glanced at PJ. He didn't even notice me glancing at him, he just stared out the window with a longing look to be outside.

I looked away before anyone could notice and glanced around again, it was then I noticed Shifteh's glaring in this directions. I couldn't figure out if she was glaring at me or PJ, maybe she's glaring at me.

She's probably another one of those stuck up girl that want the 'best', but that's PJ's issue; good luck with that!

I just want to get out, that's all I can ask for at the moment.

I waited. And waited. When will the bell ring?


And I'm out!

"Get out." Gaster said.

(Then he dances around to music. Lol sorry.)

I grabbed my book bag and got out quick. I didn't even look back.

As soon as I got out the door I ran and ran until I reached my locker, I unlocked it as fast as I could pulling out my skateboard. I quickly locked my locker, and ran out trying not to bump into anyone.

Once I was out I threw my skate board down and jumped on it, skating away from the school to the safety of my house.

I got home in a matter of moments, as I skated up the unused drive way. I got off and got my skate board going inside, once I closed the door I collapsed.

I processed everything that happened today, I almost am afraid to go to school again.

What if everyone runs into me on purpose? I'll spaz out and run away!

I can't let that happen but I can't miss school either, I'll just do my best to avoid everyone that tries to bump into me. I'll be fine...hopefully.

AN; hope you guys enjoyed this one. 'til next time partners!

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