AN; Hope ya enjoy this chapter! In using my schedule from school lol! By the way this chapters early so enjoy! And yes I know Fresh wears regular glasses in this AU but I thought it would add more affect to the story so please deal with it. *pulls out chainsaw* Seriously, just deal with it.

Ch.3 Hitting the gym

I continued to my way to my first class, I passed 10th grade last year in the same school as Wild and Savage, I'm in 12th grade now.

My schedule for school was

1st Gym
2nd Career
3rd Art (I wish bronson had this class)
4th Algebra 1
5th History
6th Lanuage arts
7th Science

So I have to go to gym first. Hopefully nothing bad happens, for instance getting hit by a basketball.

I thought of multiple things to avoid when in a gym, as I reached its doors. I grasped the handles and took a step into the massive blue white and gold gymnasium, the shiny floor clear enough for me to see my reflection. (I changed the school colors just so ya know)

The bleachers were pulled flat against the left and right walls, the seats blue and the words created by the seats were white.

"Go...Integrity...?" I read each word on each bleacher in questioning curiosity.

"There are 10 school's 8 representing the 8 human soul traits. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and pink. One school represents monster souls, then the last representing the ultimate, a gods soul!" A voice said from behind me.

I turned around to see another skeleton with star like eyes, he seemed really happy.

"Our school represents the blue soul, Integrity! My name's Palette, whats yours?" He asked politely after explaining.

"My names Fresh, I had no idea they had other school like my old one." I said.

"My old school represented the orange soul, Bravery. Instead of blue we had orange, white, and gold." I explained.

"Amazing, your lucky you got to see the other school. I always wondered what the other schools looked like." He said still wearing his kind smile.

"I'm guessing your the new student, well welcome to Integrity high! I'm the leader of the cheer leaders here in school, but the welcome committee ensures every student feels welcomed, knows where to go, and what to do! If you have any questions feel free to ask them! Dream is the leader of the welcome committee here in school so go to him if your confused." He said happily walking closer and showing a badge that said welcome committee in the school colors.

"Who ever wears this badge is apart of the welcome committee. And this here is Dream if you need him." He said his eyes still filled with joy as he pointed at another skeleton with yellow eyes and a yellow scarf with stars.

"Um...Okay, I'll keep that in mind." I said.

"Great! Then when you need any help getting around the school, you know who to ask." He said with a smile.

"If you need to know though, the locker rooms that way. You don't need to bring gym clothes, they are already there for you in your assigned locker. Just find Coach Error and he'll tell you what your locker number is, they'll give you a code to open it. See ya soon!" Palette waved heading to the doors of the gymnasium.

I waved to him smiling, I already found someone nice on the first day, all I have to do is keep this positive mood up!

"Today might actually be better than the first day at my last school I went to..." I mumured to myself walking up to a teacher.

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