Life Starts Now

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"You have been fucking amazing! We're ending this tour with "Riot"! Sing along if you know the words!" Adam yells to the crowd, making everyone cheer loudly. I smile as they start playing, silently mouthing the words as I watch from the sidelines. The past few months have been rough. It was like as Adam and I got better, the band was falling apart. Even so, we decided on what we're going to do. I just hope everyone can be happy.
They finish the song and give the crowd a bow before walking off the stage.
"Hey, Eve," Adam says with a grin, slinging an arm around me as we walk back toward the dressing room. "Life starts now, yeah?"
"Hmm?" I glance at him, meeting his eyes. He smiles, his blue eyes sparkling brightly. "Yeah. Life starts now."

Fucking short sorry

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