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"This is shit."
"No, it's not."
"He's right, it is shit."
"Will you shut up? Nobody asked you," Neil snaps at Brad.
"Don't snap at him for agreeing with me," Adam retorts.
"So now you're ganging up on me? Great. Just great," Neil groans, rolling his eyes.
"Will you idiots just focus?" Barry demands.
"Well, I'm saying this song can be something, but they think it's shit. What am I supposed to do?" Neil asks angrily.
"Guys, just calm down for a minute," I start, but Neil glares at me.
"Why should you have a say in this?"
"She's just trying to get us to stop acting like five-year-olds," Brad points out, cutting me off.
"Well, we wouldn't be like this if it weren't for her, so," Neil snorts, making Barry sigh.
"Why can't you just work your shit out already?" he groans, shifting in his seat.
"This shit can't be worked out!" Neil snaps, raising his voice. He gets up with a huff and storms past me, going back toward the bunks.
"God, he can't even put his feelings aside enough to write a song," Brad grumbles.
"It's not just him, though," Barry replies, eyeing Adam and Brad.
"I know. I know," Adam mutters, sighing and resting his chin on his hand.
"God, if we—"
"You are not leaving in the middle of tour," Barry says, interrupting Brad.
"My performances are shit, anyway," he replies, rolling his eyes.
"That's because you're letting them be shit," Adam snaps, standing up and coming over to me.
"Adam—" I start, but he grabs my hand, pulling me up and back toward the bunks. He climbs into his bunk, and I get in beside him. "What—" He pulls me into his chest, muffling my protests.
"I just want to be with you right now," he sighs, sounding exasperated.
"Okay. Okay," I respond softly, wrapping an arm around him.
"I love you. More than anything," he whispers, making butterflies erupt in my stomach.
"I love you, too."

This ended like one of my imagines lmfaoooo
Imma wrap up the story within the next...10? chapters? Idk this shit writes itself so idk when it's gonna end

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