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I glance at my phone and sigh. I've been waiting in line for close to two hours to buy Three Days Grace merch. Since I can't afford a ticket to their show tonight, I decided that I could at least get a wristband. Finally, I get up to the tent and look at all the apparel and accessories lining the tables and walls.
"This, please," I say, showing the woman the simple black wristband with the paper figures from the One-X album art.
"That'll be $5." I hand her the money before slipping the wristband on my right arm and thanking her. Two hours in line for a wristband. At least it's a good one.
I walk away from the tents and look beside me at the building for the concert tonight. I sigh and pull my black hoodie's sleeves down more. Walking down the street, I go around the back of the venue toward my apartment. No one is on the street besides one man walking toward me. Digging in my pocket, I pull out my pack of cigarettes and my lighter. Taking out a single cigarette and holding it between my teeth, I put the pack back in my pocket. I light the stick of cancer and take a deep drag. It fucks up my lungs, and I know it's slowly killing me—which is a reason I do it. The man doesn't look up as he passes me, and I think nothing of it as I blow out a puff of smoke.
"Hey do you think I could get a light?" I freeze at the voice, and I almost drop my cigarette. I slowly turn around, and he's staring at me. His black hair is covered by a cap, and his blue eyes look tired.
"A-Adam?" I ask, my voice shaky.
"Yeah?" He comes up to me, and I feel as though I might collapse. He's right in front of me. He looks at me, and my breath catches in my throat.
"Oh," I squeak. "Right." I dig in my pocket and hand him my lighter. His fingers brush mine, and it feels like a spark shoots through me.
"Thanks." He pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it, holding it at the side of his mouth. I watch him, admiring his features. His facial hair is neatly trimmed in one of his usual trademark looks. He gives me my lighter back before taking a drag. "You coming to the show tonight?" He lets out a breath, turning his head to the side as smoke leaves his parted lips. I take a quick drag, trying to calm myself.
"I," my voice goes high, and I clear my throat. "I can't afford it." He looks at my face, his eyes flickering from one feature to another before finally meeting my eyes.
"Would you like to watch from backstage?" He takes another drag, not taking his eyes off me.
"Really?" I ask in disbelief. He smiles slightly, the corners of his lips turning up just a bit.
"Is that a yes or a no?" he questions.
"Yes. It's a yes," I say in one breath.

Hey! So this is my first Adam fanfic!! How's it seem so far? I have a lot more written, so I've got a vague idea of where I want it to go lol. Thanks for reading!! <3

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