Pretty Boy

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"Adam!" We both jump in surprise, but he keeps his arms around me.
"Go away!" he yells before kissing just below my ear. I turn my head and meet his soft lips with mine. He tastes minty—clearly he'd just brushed his teeth.
"What are you doing?" It's Neil again.
We ignore him, and I move my hands to his forearms as we kiss. He pulls my bottom lip between his teeth, making my knees grow weak.
He growls softly against my lips, and I moan into his mouth. His lips turn up in a smirk, and I feel my face flush. He doesn't know the half of how much his growls turn me on. I move my hand to his face, loving the feeling of his rough facial hair against my skin.
He moves his hand up more, cupping my breast from over my bra. I suck in a breath, never having been touched like this by anyone before. I shiver softly, and I feel him smile against my lips.
"Adam and Eve!" Neil bursts into laughter as he speaks.
"Adam and Eve," Adam smirks, pulling my bottom lip between his teeth.
"We'd be kicked out of Eden," I mumble, a smile forming on my lips.
"Adam! Come on!" It's Brad this time. He bangs on the door, but Adam doesn't try to move.
"I'm a little busy here," he yells before kissing me again. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and I shriek in surprise. Adam flinches and turns so they can't see me too well. I look behind us, and Neil and Brad are standing at the door.
"Oh holy shit," Brad says quickly, his eyes widening as he sees us.
"I said we were a little busy," Adam growls, his arms around me tightening. I blush deeply, looking away from Brad and Neil.
"I can see that," Brad replies, and I can hear Neil stifling his giggles.
"Can you, like, leave?"
"She's fucking naked. Leave," Adam snaps.
"She's not completely naked, right?" Neil suddenly asks, and I hear his footsteps come closer.
"Are you serious?" Adam turns more, shielding my body with his. "Fuck off."
"Neil!" Brad snaps, and they finally leave the room.
"I am going to punch him for that later," Adam mutters, releasing me.
"Nooo don't break his pretty face," I giggle, rooting around in my bag for my clothes while Adam chuckles. I finally find my top and pull it on, tugging on my black jeans as well. I turn around as I'm pulling on my hoodie, and Adam is looking for a shirt, still only in his jeans. He has such a nice ass. Wait what. I shake my head, blushing a bit before putting on some socks. I zip up my hoodie, and Adam yanks on a white t-shirt and turns around.
"What?" He grabs a black parka and pulls it over his head, messing up his hair.
"Your hair is a mess," I respond, a smile playing on my lips. He rolls his eyes before running his hands through his hair a few times.
"Much better," I reply, slipping on my sneakers before going over to him. "Pretty boy," I giggle, looking up at his face. He scrunches up his nose before breaking into a grin.
"I'm not a pretty boy," he whines, messing up his hair again. "There."
"Still pretty," I reply, and he rolls his eyes.
"Okay. Come on. I don't know what they wanted, but we should humor them," he chuckles, fixing his hair again.
"Sounds good."

okay anyway it's getting steamy like holy shit
And that was so lame like wtf "steamy" no god dammit

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