Why In Such A Hurry?

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"OH MY GOD!" I shriek as I open the door only to be met by a guy standing right there. My heart practically beats out of my chest, and I look at the person. He's wearing a grey band t-shirt and skinny jeans, reminding me of a young band member.
"Hey," he says, his black hair falling over his green eyes. He brushes it back, his eyes sparkling in the light. He's not bad looking, but I get a weird vibe from him.
"Hey," I respond uneasily, not liking how he was literally standing right outside the back door of the venue. "What are you doing?" I want to call for Adam, but he's still in the dressing room with the guys.
"Looking for the band," he replies. "Hey." His eyes flicker with recognition. "You're Adam's girl, aren't you?"
"I'm just a friend," I respond since we haven't officially announced anything yet.
"Sure you are," he replies sarcastically, and I bite my lip.
"Um. Well," I begin.
"Can you take me to see them?"
"I'm sorry—"
"Come on. Why not?"
I can't exactly say, "Well, because you're creeping me out." So, instead, I respond, "They're tired as fuck, and security would beat my ass if I let someone in," I laugh nervously as I back up slightly. "Look, I should go," I say, trying to get away, but he grabs my arm.
"Why in such a hurry?" His grip on my wrist tightens, and I wince.
"You're hurting me," I tell him as calmly as I can. "Let me go." His eyes flicker with danger, and I know he's not just going to let me go. I start to scream, "AD—" but I'm cut off when he yanks me forward, and his fist collides with my stomach. The breath gets knocked out of me, and I double over as pain shoots through my body. I see stars, and the only thing I can think of is that he punched me in the stomach. Where my—our baby is.
"Don't scream," he snaps as tears blur my vision. He pulls me up, and I yelp in pain only to be slammed against the wall. The back of my head smashes against the hard wall, and darkness starts to cloud my vision. I don't even know what's happening as I slip into unconsciousness.

Is it bad that I was reading over this and was like "oh poor Eve—HAHAHAHA BAZOOKA"

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