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"Neil! We're going to leave you here if you don't hurry the fuck up!" Shawn yells as Neil keeps looking for his shirt. After the show, Neil went berserk screaming that he had been missing one of his shirts for several days, and Neil being Neil, just now realized it was missing.
"I'm looking!" he yells back, searching the floors of the dressing room.
"Okay, looks like we can't get Neil to carry your bags, so shall we head out and meet the guys back on the bus?" Adam asks me, shaking his head as Neil trips over the edge of the couch and curses.
"Sounds good to me," I reply, and we start out of the venue.
We walk in silence for a while, and once we get outside, Adam speaks up. "Are you okay?"
"You know what I'm talking about." He looks at me, and I meet his eyes, my heart starting to beat faster.
"Yeah." I breathe out slowly. "Yeah. I'm fine. Sorry about freaking out on you."
"No no. It's okay. Really," he replies. We keep walking in silence for a while, and I finally pull out a cigarette, handing him one as well. Sharing my lighter again, we light our cigarettes as we walk. Smoke wisps around us, and he finally speaks again as we near my apartment. "How long have we known each other?"
"Two days. Less than," I reply, wondering why he's suddenly asking.
"This is weird," he comments as he takes a drag.
"Yeah?" I take a deep drag, trying to slow my heart beating in rapid fire.
"No. I don't mean it in a bad way. I mean I've never wanted to just be with someone like I do with you. And it feels like we've known each other a long time." Smoke leaves his mouth as he speaks. He pauses for a moment, and I watch him bite his lip before taking another drag. "You've probably already noticed, but I like you." Butterflies erupt in my stomach at his words, and I blush deeply. "God, I haven't felt this way in a long time." He smiles wistfully before shaking his head, blushing slightly.
"I don't know what to say," I say softly, unable to hide my smile.
"Do you like me?" he asks before rolling his eyes. "What kind of middle school crap is this? Next I'm going to ask you if you "like like" me or just like me," he laughs.
"Well, if it's worth anything, I'll tell you that I like like you," I respond, my cheeks burning as I laugh. He chuckles, his blue eyes sparkling brightly. I take a deep drag before dropping and stepping on my cigarette. Letting out the smoke slowly, I watch as Adam does the same, kicking his cigarette butt in the gutter. We arrive at my building, and we climb up the stairs to my floor.
"Do you think you've packed everything you need?"
"I think so," I reply, unlocking the door and walking inside. Adam follows me, and I go into my room to grab my bags.
"Here, I'll carry that," he says, grabbing my largest bag—which actually isn't too big—and sliding it over his shoulder. I pick up my purse, slipping it over my body before grabbing my violin. "So you are taking her," he comments as I shoo him out of the room.
"Yes. But I swear to god if someone—"
"She'll be fine," Adam assures me, walking toward the door.
"Wait. I forgot something," I say before putting down my violin and running into my bathroom. I open up the medicine cabinet, grabbing my small box. I falter for a moment. Do I really need it? I open it up, revealing the two shiny blades that I hate and love so much. My heart pounds in my ears as I try to think. Leave them? Take them?
"Eve? What are you doing?"

Cliffhanger?? Sorta? Kinda? Idk
Like like tho
"Oh em gee Adam!!1!! I like like you, like, so much!!1!!"
Okay I'm done lmfao

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