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I open my eyes and blink. I begin to panic, forgetting where I am. Someone's arms are around me, and I look down. Recognizing the tattoos, I finally realize where I am and who I'm with. Wait did I...? I try to remember what happened last night. He'd taken a shower, and I wasn't in there with him, so I didn't lose my virginity in the shower. That's good, at least. We'd talked for so long, and I still can't believe how much I opened up to him. Eventually, our conversation became more light hearted, and I remember half-arguing about where we would sleep:
"You can sleep in the bed," Adam said.
"No no. I can't do that. This is your room."
"You're my guest. I called you here. I can't let you sleep on the couch," he countered before sighing. "You're not going to give in, are you?"
"No. You have a show tomorrow! You can't have a strained neck or something," I said.
"Fine. It's a large bed. You can just sleep on one side, and I'll sleep on the other. I promise I won't touch you. Inappropriately, I mean," he said, a smirk on his face. "I can't promise anything while I'm asleep, though."
I smile as I remember how cute he looked when he was being cheeky. At least now I'm sure my virginity is still intact—unless we fucked in our sleep, which is unlikely. I do vaguely remember rolling around and whacking into him in the middle of the night, though. Half asleep, I'd snuggled up to him, wrapping my arms around his warm body, and he'd let me. And here we are now. My face flushes as I realize we're spooning—and he's in his fucking boxers. He stirs behind me, making a soft noise.
"Mm," he says, his arms tightening around me. It's surreal that I'm here with Adam. Absolutely surreal. I touch his hand gently, looking at his hope tattoo. "Eve?" he asks, his voice raspy.
"I'm sorry. Did I wake you?" I whisper.
"It's fine," he replies before realizing how close we are. "Oh shit. I'm sorry." He starts to pull away, and I stop him.
"No. Don't move. You make me feel safe."
He relaxes again, nuzzling my neck with his face. His facial hair is rough against my bare skin, but it's the action itself that makes my breath catch in my throat and my heart beat faster.
"Adam!" Suddenly, someone is banging on the door.
"God fucking dammit," Adam groans, pulling away from me and getting out of bed. I sit up and blush as I try not to watch him walk toward the door. "I was trying to sleep," he snaps.
"What? Late night?" I can hear the smirk in Neil's voice.
"We did not have sex," Adam responds, annoyance evident in his voice.
"Mhmm. Sure you didn't." Neil comes into the room and looks at me. "Hey there, Eve."
"Morning," I respond, trying to smooth my hair.
"Are you sure you didn't—"
"Shut up, Neil," Adam cuts him off, rolling his eyes. "Do you want to take a shower?" he asks me. "I'm assuming you're here because you want to go to the buffet." He looks at Neil, giving him a scowl.
"I'm not going alone," he scoffs, running a hand through his blond hair.
"I don't have a change of clothes, but yeah. I'd like a shower," I reply to Adam as I get out of bed. I'd slept in last night's clothes since I, of course, didn't have anything else, and I wasn't about to sleep in my underwear.
"Go ahead. We'll be out here," Adam tells me.
"Thanks." I pass them, still blushing as I go into the bathroom and lock the door. I can hear them talking outside, and I start up the water before taking off my clothes. I reluctantly check my reflection in the mirror and cringe. I've always hated my thighs and stomach, not to mention my arms, of course. I sigh and step into the shower, the warm water soothing my skin. I quickly wash my hair and body before turning off the water and grabbing a towel to dry myself. I get dressed in my clothes again and look around for a hair dryer. I look in the small basket and find it, along with a brush, toothbrush, and a razor still in its packet. I look at it for a moment, all time seeming to stop. I shake my head before covering it with my towel. Not today.

Okay so I like ended on that note, but I still can't get over Adam in his FUCKING BOXERS??? LIKE CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT
Like it needed to be done tbh like do you think he'd sleep in pajamas? Idk
Well, even if he does, Adam in boxers >>>>
Okay I rambled there but yeah thanks for reading!! <3

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