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"Yeah?" I walk over to where Adam is sitting on the couch, narrowly avoiding stumbling as the bus jolts.
"Let's post yesterday's picture," he says as I move to sit in his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist, bringing his phone in front of us.
"You're finally going to make it official?" Neil yells from the kitchen.
"Why are you always yelling?" Barry groans, shifting in his seat across from us.
"Because you never listen to me unless I yell," he responds, walking over to us with a bottle of beer in his hand. Barry rolls his eyes, and Adam chuckles.
"What should I caption it?" Adam questions as I readjust my position in his lap.
"My girl and me," Neil suggests. "Too upfront?"
"Go with some hashtags. You always do that," Brad responds.
"Let's go with hashtags," Adam agrees before starting to type something.
"Don't forget to tag me," I tell him, and he makes a confirming noise. I watch as he tags me in the picture before captioning it with "#iloveher #mygirl".
"Aw you're so cute," I coo, leaning my head back on his shoulder before kissing his cheek.
"Shut up," he laughs before posting it. Immediately, a bunch of notifications pop up on his screen. "Check your account," he tells me, and I pull my phone out of my pocket before opening up Instagram. My followers have already doubled, and my notifications are blowing up.
"Holy shit."
"You'll get used to it," Brad laughs.
"And if you get any hate, just ignore it," Barry tells me.
"Mmm." I frown. I hadn't really thought about that part.


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