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"WHAT?" I shout as they keep calling my name.
"When are you going to play the violin for us?" Neil yells, and I roll my eyes.
"I don't know!"
"We can't come up with new tunes. Give us inspiration," he shouts, and I walk toward the front where they are. It's been a few days, and they've played several more shows. We're on the road again, and now everyone in the band knows about my past—although Adam is the only one who knows about the blades still in my bag.
"At least they're not asking for a pole dance," Adam remarks wryly, making me laugh.
"I don't know, guys."
"Come on," Neil whines, sticking out his bottom lip. He stands up before walking past me.
"Wait wait wait!" I shriek as I realize he's going to get my violin. "Don't fucking touch her!" I run after him, almost slamming into the wall as the bus jolts. Neil's standing in front of my violin case, and I push past him to grab it.
"Didn't touch it," he says, raising his hands and making an innocent face. "So will you play?"
"Fine fine fine," I tell him, walking back toward the front of the bus. He follows me, and everyone gives me an incredulous look.
"Are you going to do it?" Brad asks me.
"I guess," I respond, ignoring the fact that his question made me think of sex.
"What will you play?" Barry asks me as I set down my case.
"I don't know," I laugh, opening up the case and pulling out my bow.
"You know some of our songs, yeah?" Brad says, and I nod. "What's your favorite?"
"Never Too Late," I reply immediately without thinking.
"Never Too Late it is," Neil hoots excitedly, and I blush. Pulling out Grace, I set up the shoulder rest before looking at each of the guys nervously.
"Don't be nervous," Adam tells me, giving me a reassuring smile.
"Mmm," I respond, chewing my lip and placing Grace on my shoulder. I quickly tune her, trying to ignore the feeling of everyone staring at me.
"Would you feel better if I sang with your playing?" Adam offers, and I nod rapidly.
"Fuck yes." I go over to his side before saying, "I immediately start with singing portion, not the guitar part."
"Okay, got it," Adam responds, looking at me.
I breathe out slowly before dipping my violin slightly once. "One," I say softly. Twice. "Two." Three times. "Three."
"This world with never be," he sings, his eyes never leaving mine. "what I expected." I play in time to his singing, and I blush deeply as I feel them watching me. "And if I don't belong, who would have guessed it?"
As the song goes on, I feel a bit more relaxed, getting used to them watching me.
"Even if I say it'll be alright." Adam looks at me, meeting my eyes. He smiles softly, his blue eyes sparkling beautifully. "Still I hear you say," his voice is filled with emotion, and I feel tears brim in my eyes.
"You want to end your life," I whisper softly, still playing. I've never sung while playing before, but it seems like a good a time as any other. "Now and again we try to just stay alive," I sing a little louder, making Adam smile more.
"Maybe we'll turn it all around," he sings.
"'Cause it's not too late." He lets me sing the verse alone before joining in on the next one.
"It's never too late," we sing together, our voices fitting together well, despite the fact that I suck.
"Maybe we'll turn it all around," I listen to him sing, slowing down my playing slightly. "'Cause it's not too late. It's never too late."
"It's never too late," Neil sings softly, and I can hear the smile in his voice.
"It's not too late."
"It's never too late," we finish together, and I draw out my last note before lowering my bow.
"Holy shit," Brad exclaims, and they start clapping.
"That was amazing," Barry says with a grin. I blush deeply, and Adam touches my hand.
I look at him, and he says, "I didn't know you could sing and play."
"I'd never done it before. And I can't sing, but yeah," I laugh.
"You've never done it before?" Neil says incredulously.
"You should do it more often," Brad chuckles.
"Yeah. Yeah I should." I grin.

Lame ass ending lmfaoooo
Anyway I was looking online and just now realized that just because your jaw is lowkey locked doesn't mean you can't sing with the violin
Aye I have awakened YEAHHH
I should so do that but I can't sing lmaoooo

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