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"Adam! Eve!" There's frantic banging on the door, and my eyes shoot open. I almost knock Adam off the bed in surprise, and he yelps.
"Whoa!" He manages to stay on the bed and shakes his head, trying to wake up. Getting out of bed after a moment, he goes over to the door. "What?"
"Have you checked Instagram?" It's Shawn. This can't be good.
"Not recently. Why?" They come into the room, and I try to smooth my hair.
"Morning," Shawn greets me, and I nod. "What about you?"
"No. What's this about?" I get out of bed and go beside Adam.
"Eve?" Adam says uncertainly as he looks at his phone.
"What?" Adam shows me his phone, and I see a picture of Brad and me. We look extremely...close. Our faces are inches apart, and anyone would think that the next thing to happen would be a kiss.
"But there was nobody outside!" I splutter in complete shock.
"Apparently there was," Adam replies with a sigh. "Did you kiss him?" he asks me, his voice laced with pain.
"No. I didn't kiss him," I reply, frowning as I reach for him. He pulls me into his arms, kissing the top of my head.
"You still like like me?"
"I like like you a lot," I reply, and Shawn clears his throat.
"Not to interrupt this moment you're having, but shouldn't someone clear things up? The sooner the better," Shawn says, and we pull apart.
"How though?"
"I don't know. Post something or some shit," Shawn responds, running a hand through his brown hair.
"Right now?"
"Or later today. The sooner the better," Shawn says again. Adam sighs, chewing his lip as he thinks. "You have Instagram, yeah?" Shawn looks at me, and I nod. "Anything there?"
"I don't think anyone would recognize me," I reply, digging my phone out of my purse. I check Instagram, and sure enough, I have no new notifications. "Nothing."
"That's probably a good thing. You can specifically identify her if you want, but it's up to you," he replies, looking to Adam. "Just get this situation under control." With that, he leaves the room.
"Now or later?"
I think for a moment. "Later."

Sort of a filler
Aye the like like never leaves lmfao

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