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"James has saved the day," Brad announces as he plops down in his seat across from me.
"You were able to quit?" Barry asks, drinking his coffee.
"Yeah. Mostly it was my "boyfriend"," I throw air quotes around the word. "who did the work."
"You're welcome," Brad responds, his blue eyes sparkling. "Oh don't give me that look," he tells Adam, who scowls at him.
"Are you going to finish that?" Neil asks, looking at my plate of near untouched food.
"No. You can have it," I reply, poking at a piece of melon. Neil reaches across Adam to take my plate, and Adam smacks his hand.
"Hey!" he complains, pulling his arm back.
"Don't touch her food," Adam tells him.
"She said it was okay!"
"It's okay," I say, touching Adam's arm. He looks at me, his eyes searching my face again. He touches my face gently, as if he's completely forgotten that the others are here.
"Eat," he whispers, his eyes staring into mine.
"I don't want to."
"Eat. You're fucking perfect, and you need to take care of yourself," he says softly, his eyes flickering to my lips.
"What is this?" I hear Neil whisper. "What the fuck is this?"
Suddenly, Adam presses his lips to mine briefly before pulling away and going back to eating as if nothing happened. I stare at him, my lips still tingling from the kiss. I lift my hand, touching my mouth softly as I watch him act, literally, as if nothing happened.
"Fucking hell," Barry breathes, and I glance at him.
"So you did sleep together," Neil says after a moment, making Adam choke on his food and start coughing.
"Um no," I tell him, rubbing Adam's back as he continues to cough.
"Fuck you, Neil," Adam groans, coughing one more time.
"It's not my fault you choked," he replies innocently.
"Just shut up," Adam responds, his tone laced with annoyance. "And technically, yes, it was your fault." He picks up his coffee. "If you say something stupid while I'm drinking this, I will fucking punch you," he threatens before drinking the rest of his coffee. Neil opens his mouth to say something, but Brad speaks up, cutting him off.
"We should get going soon, yeah?"
Barry checks the time on his phone. "Looks like it."

"Mostly it was my "boyfriend" who did the work."
I'm hoping y'all took this sexually—if so, I'm proud
Okay anyway this was sort of a filler, BUT HEY THEY KISSED

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