The Only Hope For Me Is You

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"Eve! Eve!" I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Adam's face right in front of mine. I jump in surprise, almost whacking into his head.
"What? What happened?" I ask, completely panicked. We're in the hallway that leads toward the dressing room, and the girls are nowhere to be seen.
"You completely zoned out. Are you okay?" he asks, peering into my eyes. My breath catches in my throat, and I forget what's happening. "Eve."
"What," I say blankly, staring into his eyes.
"Are you okay?" he repeats, his voice laced with worry.
"I-I'm fine," I respond, my voice shaky. He pulls away and sighs.
"I can't believe those girls," he mutters, his jaw clenching.
"What happened to them? I only remember the blonde one apologizing for me being fucked up."
"I didn't punch them, don't worry. I wanted to, though. I just grabbed you, pulled you here, and locked the door. You'd seriously just completely zoned out on me."
"I'm sorry." I look down, and he touches my face, making me look at him.
"You have nothing to be sorry about."
"It's just..." I trail off, biting my lip as I try not to cry. "She's right."
"I am fucked up. There just no hope for me," I say bitterly, not looking him in the eye.
"Eve, don't say that. You're not fucked up, okay? Look." He brings his left hand in front of me, showing me his "hope" tattoo. "There is hope for you." I take his hand in both of mine, staring at his tattoo. His hand is warm and comforting, but I still don't feel much better.
"Where?" My voice goes high, and I close my eyes tightly, breathing in slowly.
"Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there."
I let out a long breath, and he pulls me into his arms. Breathing in his scent, I fist my hands in his shirt. Something about him just makes me feel safe. I bury my face in his chest, and he rubs my back soothingly.
"Maybe I can see it," I say after a moment.
"Hope. You." I look up at him. "You ground me. Calm me down when I'm freaking out. Make me feel safe when I'm breaking down. I feel like there isn't much hope for me. But with you..." I look into his blue eyes and bite my lip. "Hope for me...I feel like it's you." He smiles, his eyes sparkling in the light. He leans in, his soft lips brushing mine gently. I move my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He slides his tongue along my lips, sending a shiver down my spine. I part my lips for him, and he deepens the kiss, pulling me closer. He tastes of cigarettes, but he also tastes a bit...sweet. My senses are overwhelmed with Adam. We finally pull apart, breathing heavily.
"You make me want to be alive," I say softly, looking into his eyes. "You're the only person who's ever made me feel this way."
He doesn't respond for a moment. He just looks into my eyes, his chest rising and falling steadily. "Can I really be hope for you?" he asks uncertainly, his voice soft. "I'm pretty fucked up." The only hope for me is you. The words flicker through my mind.
"You just told me I'm not fucked up. You aren't fucked up, either, Adam."

A bit of a filler but with a make out sceneeeeee
Aye where can I get an Adam lmao

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