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"What?" I look at him in surprise.
"Well, seeing that Adam here..." Neil trails off, his eyes flickering to Adam, who is glaring at him. "Never mind. Is that a yes or a no?"
"I have a job?"
"Do you like your job?" Brad asks, twisting his lip ring between his fingers.
"Not really. No. It sucks, honestly."
"Then you can quit," Neil tells me, clapping his hands together as if everything is settled.
"Wait. Do you want to come on tour with us?" Barry asks, looking around at everyone to quiet them.
"It would be a dream come true," I admit, and I feel Adam looking at me. "What?" I look at him, but he just shakes his head, a smile forming on his face.
"Then it's settled," Neil says with a grin. "You can pack today, and we'll all head out after the show tonight."
"Do you need help quitting your job?" Brad asks, tilting his head to the side slightly. His hair falls over his eye again, and he brushes it back.
"I would need moral support, yes. But wait. How long is tour? Couldn't I just take a vacation? Although I have a feeling if I said that, I'd just get fired," I say in one breath.
"We're going to tour America for another, what?" Barry looks to Adam.
"6 months? I don't know," he responds, stabbing a sausage with his fork and bringing it to his mouth.
"Oh wow. That would be a long vacation," I sigh. "I guess I'll have to quit, but usually they need like a couple weeks' notice."
"You'll be fine," Adam assures me. "It's a diner, right? I don't think the few weeks' notice is so important. People quit on the spot a lot."
Letting out a breath, I say, "I want to do it now." I get out of my seat, and Brad stands up.
"I'll be your moral support," he chuckles, and I glance back at Adam, who shrugs.
"Thanks." We walk out of the buffet and over to the waiting area. Nobody is here, so I pull out my phone and call my boss, Jared.
"Um hey. It's Evangeline."
"Why are you calling?" He sounds annoyed, his voice already whiny.
"I..." I look at Brad, who smiles reassuringly. "I quit."
"You what?" he snaps, his voice getting louder.
"Look, I know it's sudden, and I'm really so—"
"Don't give me your stupid apologies. You're fired," he yells, making me pull the phone away from my ear and wince.
"You can't fire me, though? I quit," I point out, which was clearly the wrong thing to say.
"You fucking—" I can't hear what else he says because Brad grabs my phone and brings it to his ear before I can stop him.
"Uh hello? This is James. I'm Angie's boyfriend, and I would really appreciate it if you didn't scream at my girl, mmkay?" he says smoothly. He pauses, listening to whatever Jared is yelling on the other side. "Although the end result is the same, that's not how it works. She quit, therefore, you can't fire her. She's not one of your employees anymore. And don't you give me the bullshit response of "Okay, then she's hired. And now she's fired!" because that would be awfully embarrassing for you." He chews his lip ring as he listens. "Okay then. We're good here. Bye." He hands me my phone back, and I slip it in my pocket.
"No problem. It was fun hearing him go all whiny, to be honest," he laughs.

okay this is sooooo stupid, but I just yesterday realized that Eve + Adam is like, "Adam and Eve" like wtf why did I not realize that sooner lmfao
I didn't even do it intentionally like Buddha's ma main man okay
Sorta jk but lowkey not rly lmao
I'm not religious but lean toward Buddhism if anything OKAY THIS IS NOT THE POINT WTF AM I DOING

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