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"Why not?"
"I don't want to! I can play in front of you, but I'd be terrified in front of them."
"But you're so good!" He's been trying to convince me to bring my violin along on tour.
We're walking down the street back toward the venue after he'd helped me pack. Although he was helpful, he would also say things like "Ooh you have cute bras." Which would then lead me to snatch my bra out of his hand.
"No, I'm not," I respond, twisting my hair around my finger before letting go with a sigh.
"Don't be modest," Adam chuckles, pulling out two cigarettes and handing one to me.
"Thanks." I pull out my lighter, and as I light my cigarette, I feel him looking at me. "What?" I hold the cigarette at the corner of my mouth, handing him my lighter as I speak.
"You're just really pretty, you know?"
"I'm not." I blush, taking a drag as I try to slow my rapidly beating heart.
"You are," he insists, lighting his cigarette before handing me my lighter. I stuff it in my pocket, blowing out my smoke slowly.
"Eve, don't "hmm" me."
"I will "hmm" you as much as I like, hmm?" I say, a smile playing on my lips. I take a drag, and I can tell Adam's trying not to laugh.
"Hmm," he responds as he takes a drag. I let out my smoke slowly, the tendrils of white swirling through the air.
"Mhmm." I watch as he blows out his smoke, his lips forming an 'o' shape.
"Will you stop staring at me?" he whines, finally looking at me. He bites his bottom lip as he suppresses a laugh.
"Well, you're very pretty," I respond, placing my cigarette in the corner of my mouth as I smirk.
"Pretty princess?" he asks in a high voice before coughing. "Dammit."
"Princesses don't say "dammit", they say "oh god doughnut!"," I inform him, making him laugh.
"Oh god doughnut, Eve! Where's my da—wait I can't say damn either." He pauses, taking a quick drag. "Oh! I got it," he says, smoke leaving his mouth as he speaks. "Oh god doughnut, Eve! Where's my god dam—no n—doughnut?"
"Oh god, that was so fucking corny," I laugh, shaking the ashes off my cigarette.
"It sounded better in my head," he admits, taking another drag.
"I'm sure it did," I respond wryly, making him roll his eyes. We arrive at the back of the venue, and there are several girls near the back door.
"Oh shit," Adam mutters, dropping his cigarette and stepping on it before kicking it aside. "You're my friend, okay? Just my friend." He looks at me seriously, and I nod, putting out my own cigarette and pushing it into the gutter with my foot. We approach the four girls, and one of them gasps.
"Oh my god! Adam!" This leads to all of them screaming loudly and running toward us. They all start speaking at once, and before I know what's happening, I'm on the ground.
"What the fuck?" I shout, mostly in surprise. The girls completely ignore me as they all fawn over Adam, who's looking at me, his blue eyes wide.
"Get out of my way," he says, gritting his teeth as he tries to be as polite as possible. He pushes past the girls and extends his hand to me. I take it, letting him pull me up. I stumble a bit, and he steadies me.
"You okay?" he whispers, his face close to mine.
"Yeah. Thanks." I feel myself blush a bit.
"Who are you?"
"Adam, can I have your autograph?"
"What's she doing with you?"
"Is she your girlfriend?"
They all speak at once, and Adam looks at them.
"She is my friend, and I would appreciate it if you didn't shove her to the ground," he says, trying to keep his voice calm and steady.
"Are you his girlfriend?" one girl with long blonde hair asks.
"No," I respond, stepping back a bit.
"What's that?" another girl says, pointing at my arm. I gasp as I realize my sleeve had been pushed up, exposing a few of my scars. I pull it down quickly and look at the ground.
"None of your business," Adam says for me. "Do you want autographs or not?" he asks, his voice laced with annoyance.
"Are those scars?" the blonde girl sneers.
"Ewwww she's a cutter. Gross," a shorter girl says, giving me a dirty look. I feel my face heat up as tears prick my eyes.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Adam says lowly, and I can tell he's trying not to yell. His fists clench and unclench, and I swallow nervously.
"Why are you asking me when she's the cutter?" the blonde girl says, her voice dripping with condescension.
"Apologize. Right now," Adam snaps, and I touch his arm. He looks at me, his face softening a bit as he meets my eyes.
"It's fine," I say, my voice breaking as my lip quivers. God, I wish I weren't so weak.
"It's clearly not fine," Adam responds before looking at the four girls again. "Apologize."
"Fine fine," the blonde girl says, and I look at her. "Sorry you're so fucked up." I want to shout at her. Scream in her face that I'm not fucked up. But I don't. Because deep down, I know she's right.

Started funny then ended like bloop
Wtf is "bloop" supposed to be wtf
Okay anywayyyyyy thanks for reading!! xx

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