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"Under the Ice" Three Days Grace Fanfic by kilocloud808
"Under the Ice" Three Days Grace kilocloud808
It's summer WOOHOO. 3DG has known you since you were a child but your parents never told you. So when they did, you got to go on a vacation cruise with the members of T...
  • adamgontier
  • mattwalst
  • bradwalst
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I Hate Everything About You ~ A Zanvis Fanfic. ((Book One)) by TheTurtleShaman
I Hate Everything About You ~ A ima f u r r y
"I Hate Everything about you, why do I love you. You hate everything about me, why do you love me." ~I hate everything about you - Three Days Grace. ~~~~~~ &q...
  • mystreet
  • zanvis
  • threedaysgrace
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Adam Gontier Imagines by BillyBobBuns
Adam Gontier Imaginesby Burnley/Gontier
Just some ADORABLE imagines. I know that astheticwalst made one, and I LOVED it, so I had to try making some of my own. Would LOVE if any one could give me some ideas. I...
  • imagines
  • threedaysgrace
  • fanfic
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It's night, we can talk  by MonikaJaksik
It's night, we can talk by Monika Jaksik
It was supposed be a night like any other before. Concert, some rest, another city... But tonight was meant to be different. She's got herself in trouble, he's coming to...
  • mattwalst
  • barrystock
  • fanfiction
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Aesthetics: An Autobiography by Nightflame66
Aesthetics: An Autobiographyby NightFlame
"Why do I do things? 1-Efficiency 2- Aesthetic" Quotes, Requests, Themes, character insipration, asks, requests and more
  • random
  • threedaysgrace
  • aesthetic
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Adam Gontier Factbook by BillyBobBuns
Adam Gontier Factbookby Burnley/Gontier
I am LITERALLY too obsessed with Adam. Three Days Grace in general. I know too much about him. Here's all I know And maybe even a little more.... heh heh XD
  • tdg
  • adamgontier
  • threedaysgrace
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Mŷ $øñģbőõķ by Sung_Minha
Mŷ $øñģbőõķby 성민 하
Imma put the songs I like here. There's gonna be nightcore (hehe, a LOT of nightcore) Yeah, read and sing along if you like. ~Andrea~
  • threedaysgrace
  • songs
  • paramore
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mis dibujos by espiritusalvaje109
mis dibujosby momera de los pastaskids 2.0
aqui de nuevo
  • animals
  • creepypasta
  • furry
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Three Days Grace X Reader One Shots by RachelNightSpace
Three Days Grace X Reader One Shotsby Rachelle
I CAN FLYYYYY!! Oh umm sorry. This is a book for reading some TDG oneshots. Random Person: What dafuq is Three Days Grace? Me: HAYSYAGAHSHSJSH IT'S A GOOD BAND!! Sorry...
  • lemon
  • mattwalst
  • fanfiction
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Red Angel Dragnet by Kraftplay
Red Angel Dragnetby Stray Rock Artist
Dans un monde où le rock subsiste dans l'ombre, affrontant la pop médiocre qui l'a écrasé au commencement du siècle 21, il existe un refuge. Un refuge que seuls les rock...
  • rock
  • theclash
  • therollingstones
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Nightcore by Victor-x-Yuri
Nightcoreby Victor-x-Yuri
I just love nightcore so I put my favorite songs on here.
  • fnaf
  • songs
  • threedaysgrace
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Yellow Paint by Novarated
Yellow Paintby Gay
  • bts
  • danganronpa
  • blackpink
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The Hedgehog Band by JaslynTheWolf
The Hedgehog Bandby JaslynTheWolf
Shadow had missed Maria for years. A day doesn't go by that he doesn't think of her. His saddness comes to an end when Maria was found alive. After that Shadow forms a b...
  • sonicthehedgehog
  • mariarobotnik
  • shadowthehedeghog
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Lost in You (Neil Sanderson Fanfic) by Fallenangel1807
Lost in You (Neil Sanderson Fanfic)by PoisonEclipse
description says it
  • bradwalst
  • anxietydisorder
  • neilsanderson
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Two Rockers One Love (Brad walst fanfic) by Fallenangel1807
Two Rockers One Love (Brad walst PoisonEclipse
Jade is the singer of a band called CrimsonRəd. Her band has now rose to the top just right below a Three Days Grace. What will happen when they get invited to go on tou...
  • rockers
  • concert
  • threedaysgrace
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Last To Know *COMPLETED* by rhonda_lynn
Last To Know *COMPLETED*by Rhonda
Bound by love. Broken through... death? Aaron fell in love... at first sight, it seemed. But with all the pressure on him to 'choose right'; with all the stress of movi...
  • leave
  • ending
  • choice
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Female Chara x Male Singer Reader by DamonDillinger
Female Chara x Male Singer Readerby dalv6452
  • getscared
  • slipknot
  • femalechara
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Gone Forever: a three days grace fan fic: book three by miranda_hutch
Gone Forever: a three days grace Miranda
book three to misery a three days grace fan fic after maxie kills herself, both adam and neils starts getting depressed. Matt realizes that he was part of the reason tha...
  • threedaysgrace
  • adam
  • grace
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Matt Walst X Reader by bradwalsttt
Matt Walst X Readerby bradwalsttt
((BDSM INVOLVED)) enjoy,, 😏
  • mydarkestdays
  • mattwalst
  • threedaysgrace
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The High Road by showfreak19
The High Roadby Ashley
(Matt X Adam) Matt's life in high school is a mess. His boyfriend, Reid, might as well have no time for him. And he's bullied by the type of kids who take your lunch, so...
  • gay
  • threedaysgrace
  • boyxboy
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