Life Starts Now

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"This isn't as ceremonious as I hoped," Adam responds wryly.
"Just go with it," I laugh, bumping his hip with mine.
"Okay okay," he chuckles.
"On three."
"One," he begins, taking my hand in his.
"Three," we say together, dropping our bags in the trash can.
"Bye bye, blades," I whisper, staring at the two bags in the trash.
"Bye bye, OxyContin," Adam murmurs, squeezing my hand.
"I'm proud of you." I look up at him, and he smiles.
"I'm proud of you, too," he replies before leaning closer. "I've been sober for over three weeks now."
"I knew you could do it," I breathe, pressing my forehead to his.
"No more leaning on drugs or blades. We lean on each other."
"And the drugs, they're out of my system."
"What are you trying to say?"
"I'm saying that we can try again," he whispers, touching my stomach gently. "If you want to." I let his words sink in. I'd called Vivian after losing the baby, and she'd explained that women were more fertile after a miscarriage. Although a lot depends on the person, when they stop bleeding, and how emotionally ready they are, she told me that if I wanted to go for it, sometime around now would be safe. And maybe being intimate with him would finally crush that wedge driven between us.
"I don't know about trying for a baby, but I do know that I want you," I finally say, looking into his blue eyes. He smiles, his eyes shining as he leans in, pressing his lips to mine. I tangle my hands in his hair, pulling him closer. He slides his tongue across my lips, and I immediately part them, deepening the kiss without a second thought. His hands wander lower, reaching my ass and squeezing gently. I moan softly as I fumble with the bottom of his shirt. He pulls away enough to take it off before attaching his lips to mine again. Still kissing, we stumble out of the bathroom and into the hotel room. I yank off my shirt before kissing him again, and we fall back onto the bed. Climbing on top of me, he swiftly unzips my jeans, pulling them off me. Our lips meet again in a frenzied kiss as I unbuckle his belt, his hands wandering my body as I try to push down his jeans.
"Adam! We're going to get a bite to eat. You and Eve want to come?" We hear someone say outside the door.
Adam pulls away from me enough to shout, "Too busy making babies!" He kisses me again like nothing happened, and I can't help but giggle against his lips. He kicks off his jeans and chuckles, "What?"
"You're just cute," I giggle, pulling his lips to mine once more.


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