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I quietly slip out of Adam's bunk to go to the bathroom before the guys wake up. I'm not sure how Brad and Adam are going to talk it out today, but it makes me nervous. I love them both, and it would rip my heart in half if they got into a fight because of me. I walk out of the bathroom, smoothing my messy hair as I walk toward the front of the bus. I let out a small shriek as I see Brad at the fridge.
"I didn't expect to see you this early," I say, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.
"I could say the same to you," he replies, running a hand through his messy blond hair.
"Couldn't sleep either, I take it," I comment, going to his side to get a drink of water.
"Nope." He closes the fridge and opens up the cupboard, getting on his tiptoes to reach something in the back. We fall into an awkward silence as I drink the rest of the bottle of water from yesterday. He tosses a granola bar between his hands, staring at the floor as if deep in thought. "Do you remember that night at the bar?" he suddenly asks, making me look at him. His blue eyes meet mine, and I nod. "Do you remember you said I was cute?" I blush at his words and nod again. "Did you mean it?"
"You're asking if I think you're cute?" I ask, and he nods, opening up his granola bar. "Well, yes," I say after a moment, looking away as I feel my face flush.
"Mmm," he responds, and I glance at him to see him trying to suppress a grin.
"Stop it!" I laugh, shoving his shoulder playfully.
"I'm not doing anything!" he counters, a grin spreading on his face.
"Yes you are!"
"What? Am I being cute?" he smirks, his blue eyes sparkling.
"Annoyingly so," I respond, rolling my eyes playfully. He laughs, finally seeming more relaxed.
"I just don't want things to be awkward between us, you know?" he says, taking a bite of his granola bar.
"Yeah. I feel the same way."
"Oh! I almost forgot. The spider situation? It's basically resolved. People have chilled with the dating shit."
"That's awesome!"
"Eve?" I hear Adam's voice.
"In here," I reply, and Adam comes around the corner. His black hair is like a bird's nest, and he's still in his shirt and boxers. "Put on some clothes," I laugh as he comes over to me and practically tackles me in a bear hug.
"Never," he mumbles, nuzzling my neck and making me shriek. He finally pulls away, running his hands through his hair as he looks at Brad.
"I'm guessing you want to know what happened yesterday," Brad says, stuffing the last of the granola bar in his mouth before tossing the wrapper in the trash.
"That would be nice to know," Adam remarks sarcastically.
"Adam, please," I say, touching his arm. "Just hear him out?"
"You made her cry," he accuses, ignoring what I'm saying.
"You cried?" Brad says, looking at me.
"It's not your fault," I say quickly, giving him a reassuring look.
"So what the fuck did you do to her?"
"I kissed her," Brad snaps, starting to get mad.
"You kissed her?" Adam glares at him.
"Adam," I plead, touching his chest to keep him from punching Brad in the face.
"Yes. I kissed her. But she didn't kiss me back," Brad points out.
"Why would you kiss her?"
"Because I like her. I will live with being just friends, but I had to do it at least once," Brad argues.
"How do I know you're not going to want more?" Adam narrows his eyes at Brad.
"Are you really suggesting that I would do that to you? To her?" Brad counters, not missing a beat. Adam breathes out slowly, looking down and chewing his lip.
"You're right," he finally says. "I'm sorry."
Brad smiles softly. "So am I."


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