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I wake up to a throbbing pain in my head and groan. Opening my eyes, I see Adam passed out beside me, his black hair a complete mess. His arm is over my bare stomach, and I blush as I realize I'm in my underwear. Fuck. What happened last night? I remember going to the bar and coming back here, but I can't remember anything after that. Ohhh fuck he's in his boxers. I start to panic, moving Adam's arm off me before getting out of bed. I gracefully lose my balance and crash to the floor.
"Fuck," I groan, rolling over before getting up. The throbbing in my head gets worse, and I stagger into the bathroom. Luckily, even with my very quiet awakening, Adam is still asleep. I make my way to the toilet and try to gather my thoughts. What the fuck did I do last night? I just can't remember what happened. I do remember trying to seduce Brad, which makes my face heat up. "Fucking hell," I mutter, flushing and making my way over to the sink. As I wash my hands, I look up at my reflection and gasp as I see some hickeys leading toward the valley of my breasts. I stare at my reflection, a million things passing through my mind. Turning off the water, I wipe my hands on a nearby towel. I move my hair so I can see my neck, and I see the trail starting just under my left ear. "Shit," I breathe, moving my hair back and going into the room again. Adam is still passed out, and I climb into the bed beside him. By this time, I'm so panicked that my headache is forgotten. I don't feel sore, but knowing Adam, he could've just been extremely gentle. "Adam?" I shake him lightly, and he groans. "Adam?"
"What?" he grumbles, scrunching up his nose as he tries to bat me away.
"Did we have sex last night?" My face burns as the words leave my mouth.
"Did we have sex last night?" I repeat, biting my lip nervously.
"I don't remember," he mumbles without even bothering to open his eyes.
"Adam," I groan, shaking him again. His eyes finally open, and they flicker to me.
"Oh Eve," he says, a hint of surprise in his voice. It's as if he didn't realize he was talking to me. "What was your question, again?"
"Did we have sex last night?" I say for the third time, and he makes a sleepy noise before sitting up.
He runs a hand through his unruly hair before responding, "You wanted to."
"Oh god."
"But," he continues, rubbing his eye. "I stopped you."
"But these...?" I gesture frantically to my neck, and he looks at me.
"My bad." At his words, I burst into laughter. I feel half insane from relief. "I was so ready to fuck you, but then I realized that you would probably regret it in the morning."
"And I technically couldn't consent," I add, putting both hands on my face in an attempt to cool it.
"That's exactly what I told you. You were on the verge of crying because you thought I didn't want you," he says, looking at me. He bites his lip, staring intently into my eyes. I feel myself blush again, and his eyes flicker lower, reminding me that I'm in my underwear.
"Oh fuck," I say quickly, reaching over to grab a blanket.
"What's wrong?" And now I'm acutely aware of him being in just his boxers. My face flushes again—like it could actually get any redder. Adam looks at me and chuckles. "You're just realizing we're close to naked?"
"Yes." I awkwardly wrap myself up in the blanket.
"You can get dressed if you want," he responds before getting up. I bite my lip as I watch him walk around the corner and into the bathroom. My heart beats faster as I realize how close I was to losing my virginity to him last night. I'm glad he stopped me—I want to be able to remember my first time. I get up, rooting around in my bag for something to wear. I can't find what I'm looking for, and before I know it, Adam snakes his arms around my waist from behind. I feel his warm breath at my ear, and my stomach erupts in butterflies. "I thought you were getting dressed?" he whispers.
"I-I couldn't find what..." I trail off, getting distracted by his fingers playing with the waistband of my panties. "What I was..." He kisses my neck softly, his facial hair rough against my skin. "Looking for," I finally finish, my voice shaky and legs weak as he continues kissing down my neck. His lips brush over the hickeys from last night, sending a shiver down my spine.
"You probably don't remember much from last night, yeah?"
"Not a lot," I whisper back, my breath catching in my throat as he nips my earlobe. My eyes flutter shut, and he kisses my jawline.
"Well, I told you," he murmurs, his lips brushing my skin. "that you're beautiful." His hand moves up, brushing the lace on the bottom of my bra. I can't hide the smile that forms on my face at his words. For the first time in my life, I actually feel wanted.

Fuck yes Adam like just yes
That is all

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