Later 2

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"Do you think that's a good idea?" Brad asks.
"I don't know," Adam replies. The bus suddenly jolts, making him spill his water on his shirt and pants. He looks down and rolls his eyes. "Fucking hell."
"It could backfire," Neil comments as he tries not to laugh at Adam.
"Oh no you pissed your pants," Barry says as he comes out from the back and sees Adam. Neil snickers, and Adam rolls his eyes again.
"Pissed pants aside, what should we do?" I ask, making Adam whine.
"Not you, too!"
"Oh shush."
"There're two ways you can go. Take a picture with Adam and explain on his account or take a picture with Brad and explain on his account," Barry says, sitting beside Adam on the couch across from Brad and me.
"Which is better?" Brad asks, playing with his lip ring.
"He has more followers, so start lowkey with Brad and build up to Adam?" Neil suggests.
"Don't make me sound inferior," Brad whines, laughing a bit.
"Sorry sorry," Neil chuckles. Brad pulls out his phone, turning on the front camera. I blush as he leans closer to me, his warm body against mine. I smile, and Brad snaps a picture.
"I look like a fucking statue," I laugh.
"That's because you're a piece of art," Brad says smoothly, making my eyes widen in shock. I blush deeply, and he looks at me.
"Thank you," I say softly, and the corners of his lips turn up in a smile.
"It's true," he responds, his eyes never leaving my face. Adam clears his throat pointedly, and I shake my head, trying to clear my thoughts. "Right. Okay," Brad giggles. He lifts his phone again, this time moving closer so our faces are almost touching. I blush and smile again, and he snaps a picture. This time, I don't look too atrocious.
"What are you going to say?" Adam asks, spilling water again as the bus jolts. "Oh fuck me."
"I'm not going to say that," Brad responds as he types something.
"Oh shut up," Adam grumbles, putting down his water with a sigh.
"I'll just say that we're good friends, and that picture from yesterday was from when we were screeching over a spider," Brad says, continuing to type.
"Sounds good," Neil comments, and I stand up, wanting to get a drink. The bus jolts again, and I almost fall, but Adam grabs my arm, steadying me.
"Thanks," I laugh, going over to the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of water. "Can I like, just open this one?"
"Do whatever. We don't really care," Neil replies, and I open the bottle, pouring some water in my cup. Putting the bottle back, I drink thirstily before rinsing my cup and putting it back. "You should've brought it back here."
"What? So I could spill it like Adam?"
"Exactly," Neil laughs, his blue eyes sparkling.
"I'd rather have my shirt non-see-through, thanks," I reply with a chuckle as I go back to my seat. The bus jolts just as I reach the couch, and I stumble. "Oh shit! I'm sorry!" I laugh as I crash into Brad, basically falling on top of him.
"It's okay," he chuckles, trying to get up. The guys burst into laughter, and I blush. I push myself off him, and he glances at my arm as he sits up. A worried expression forms on his face, and I gasp softly, lowering my sleeve quickly. Luckily, the guys were too busy laughing to notice. "Angie?"
"Later," I tell him, chewing my lip nervously, and he nods. He goes back to his phone, but he starts turning his lip ring between his fingers. His blue eyes stare at the screen, and a blond lock of hair falls on his forehead. He seems worried, and it's my fault.

Brad is still being fucking cute can he stop already
And Adam spilling his water tho lmao

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