Shit Happens

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"Oh Adam, mmm fuck. Oh my god."
"Shut up, Neil," Adam snaps as Neil mimics what he'd apparently heard last night. Barry snickers, and Adam glares at him.
"Was he good?" Neil asks me, making me blush even more.
"Fuck off," Adam groans, rolling his blue eyes.
"I'll bet he was bad. In a bad way," Neil smirks, making me burst into laughter.
"I wouldn't know. Nothing to compare to," I respond, earning a gasp from him.
"Oh shit was he your first?"
"Neil, I said fuck off," Adam hisses.
"Yeah," I respond, blushing deeply.
"Ooooooh now that's a story to tell all your friends," Barry comments, making Adam groan in agitation.
"Hurry up you fuckers! We have a schedule, you know!" Shawn yells from the bus, and Neil rolls his eyes as he picks up his bag.
"It's not our fault Brad decided to forget something," he comments, running a hand through his hair.
"Sorry!" Brad comes through the door and grabs his bag.
"What'd you forget?" Barry asks him, and Brad shakes his head.
"It's nothing."
"Then why did you have to—"
"It's nothing. Can we go now?" Brad sighs, giving Neil a look.
"Okay okay, Mr. Snappy," Neil responds, rolling his eyes. We walk toward the bus, getting on it before Shawn yells at us some more. Although he's always driving in his car, he tends to dump his bags in the bus—which is why he's here and shouting at the moment. We take our bags to the back, and the bus already starts moving.
"Oh shit," Adam laughs as he nearly crashes into the wall as he stumbles. We all go to the front and sit down, narrowly avoiding falling like dominoes as Neil trips in front of us. Brad scoots closer to me on the couch and reaches in his pocket for something.
"This is actually what I forgot," he says softly, pulling out a black bracelet. "I got it for you." He takes my left hand, pushing my sleeve up slightly to slip the bracelet on my wrist. I notice it has a silver heart with a musical note on it, and I smile.
"What's that?" Neil asks, but we ignore him.
"Thank you," I whisper, pulling my sleeve down over it.
"I really like the charm." Brad smiles. "I want you to look at it when you ever feel down. Remember why you're still here."
"Exactly," he replies, pulling me into a hug.
"This is such a thoughtful gift. Thank you, Brad," I whisper.
"What is it?" Neil repeats. "I want to see."
Brad and I pull apart, and I blush.
"A friendly gift," Brad says defensively as Adam gives him a look. I laugh before showing Neil the bracelet.
"Oh it's a nice one. Who knew Brad had good taste?" he jokes, taking my hand and pushing up my sleeve a bit more. I bite my lip nervously, and his fingers brush my wrist. His brow furrows, and I try to pull my hand back, but he stops me. "Ange?" He glances at me uncertainly. I feel my face heat up, and I look to Adam for help. He shrugs, unsure himself.
I finally look to Neil again and simply say, "Shit happens."

"Shit happens" okay then
Why am I always making fun of what I wrote in the story in the author's note like what even lmao
Anywayyyyyy I say anyway too much
Right so like I said, I've got an idea, and I'm trying to build it atm, so bear through these bad filler chapters with me please XD

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