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"Eve! Meet my boyfriend, Shawn!" Cassidy tells me, gesturing to the tall, black-haired boy beside her. "I hope you don't mind that I brought him," she says, pursing her lips.
"I don't mind at all," I reply, opening the door and letting them into the dressing room. Adam gives me a wave, and Neil pokes his head up from behind the fridge before grinning.
"Who's this?" Brad asks, scooting over so they can sit down.
"I'm Shawn—Cassidy's boyfriend," Shawn replies, sitting beside Cassidy on the couch.
"Anyone want some water?" Neil asks as I sit between Barry and Adam on the couch across from Brad.
"No, thanks," Opal replies after Cassidy and Alex shake their heads.
"Okay, then," Neil responds, coming to sit on our couch. Adam grabs me, pulling me into his lap as I squeal a protest, making the girls laugh. Neil sits beside us, and I stick my tongue out at him, making him roll his eyes playfully. The girls start talking animatedly, and I lean back on Adam's shoulder. He wraps his arms around my waist securely, and I put my hands over his.
"He's staring at you," he suddenly whispers in my ear, making me jump in surprise.
I look toward Shawn, who's staring at me, his eyes meeting mine. He doesn't look away, and I blush, lowering my gaze.
"I don't like him," Adam whispers in my ear, making it look like he's kissing my neck so Shawn won't see.
"Hmm," I respond, turning my head to look at him.
"Nobody gets to look at you like that but me," he murmurs, making me cheeks heat up as a smile forms on my face.
"I love it when you get possessive," I whisper, my lips brushing his.
"Do you?" he smirks before kissing me fully.

So unrealistic

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