Too Easy

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"How are you?" Brad asks me, leaning into my side. We're back on the bus, and things have really gotten back to normal—or maybe even better between Adam and me.
"Pretty good," I admit, smiling at him.
"I heard you were getting frisky last night," he giggles, making me burst into laughter.
"Frisky? Really, Brad?" I smack his arm playfully, and he chuckles.
"Well, I'm not Neil. I'm not shamelessly direct about these things," he responds, a smile playing on his lips.
"Stop talking about me!" Neil yells from the kitchen, making me laugh harder.
"What's so funny?" Adam asks, trying to sit on the couch beside me. Realizing there's not enough room, he picks me up.
"Hey!" I complain as he sits down before pulling me in his lap.
"There. That's better," he comments, wrapping his arms around my waist as I continue to wriggle around. "Hey hey! Stop!" he laughs, and I stop moving before throwing my head back onto his shoulder.
"What? Are you going to get a boner?" I whisper in his ear, and I feel him shiver.
"If you don't stop, yes. Yes I will," he replies, kissing my neck and making me squeal.
"Who's getting a boner?" Neil shouts, making Brad giggle beside us.
"Adam is," Brad laughs, earning a smack on the arm. "Hey!" he complains, rolling his blue eyes.
"Take it to the bunks," Neil says as he comes over to us, holding a sandwich in his hand.
"You know they're too small," I tell him, raising an eyebrow.
"Well look at you, Ange. First time that was mentioned, you were like, "oh em gee tee em ai!"," he teases, sitting down across from us.
"Oh please, I do not sound like that," I retort, unable to hide my grin.
"You were a little like that when we saw the spider," Brad comments, making me laugh.
"You shrieked louder than me, though," I counter, poking his arm.
"Pft. I wasn't scared of a spider the size of my foot," he replies.
"Mhmm. Yeah," I reply before bursting into laughter.
"Hey hey hey," Adam whines under me.
"Oh come on," I giggle, turning my head to look at him. "You're too easy, I swear."
"I can't help the fact that my girl is sexy as fuck," he responds, raising an eyebrow at me.
"Shut up," I laugh, blushing and pushing my hair behind my ear.
"I think we both know I'm not going to shut up."
"He's right," Brad laughs.

Didn't know how to end it lmao
Also should I wrap up the story or create another conflict?
Opinions please xx

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