Not Like That

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"Thank you!" Adam yells with a grin. They've just finished their encore, and the whole concert was amazing. The crowd cheers loudly, and the band goes up toward the front, giving their final bow. Brad comes backstage first, giving me a grin as he passes. Neil and Barry follow him.
"Hey, Ange. How was it?" Neil asks me as Barry gives me a little wave before following Brad into the dressing room.
I wave back. "It was absolutely amazing," I say with a grin. Neil's face lights up, and he high fives me before running off after Brad and Barry. It just occurs to me that Neil called me Ange. Another nickname.
"Eve," Adam says, as if on cue, running a hand through his messy hair. He's covered in sweat, as were the others.
"Hey," I say, and he smiles, his blue eyes shining.
"We're going to chill in the dressing room before heading back to the hotel. Want to join us?" He starts walking, and I follow him. Even though he's sweaty as fuck, he still manages to smell sweet. My stomach does a flip as my face heats up from realizing what he's saying and realizing I'm obsessing over his smell again.
"Which are you referring to?" I ask, my voice coming out higher than intended.
"Oh the chill part. You can come back to the hotel if you want, though," he says, glancing at me. My face flushes a deeper shade of red, and I open my mouth to say something. "Oh shit. I didn't mean it like that," he says quickly, his cheeks turning pink.
"I wouldn't mind—I mean I want to—um," I stutter, and he laughs as he opens the door to the dressing room. We go inside, and Brad and Barry are relaxing while Neil is rooting around in the fridge.
"What did he suggest?" Brad asks me the second he sees my red face.
"He didn't—I mean, he did, but not like that," I say quickly, making myself blush more. Brad laughs, brushing his blond hair out of his eyes.
"He what now?" Neil asks, poking his head out from behind the fridge door.
"I said nothing," Adam responds, blushing more.
"Oh shut up," Adam grumbles before sitting down beside Barry on the couch. Brad glances at me still standing, and he pats the spot beside him. I move over and sit beside him, across from Adam, who looks at me.
"Nothing," he responds absently, still looking at me.
"If you don't stop staring at her, you're going to burn a hole through her," Neil comments, plopping down beside me and throwing his arm around my shoulders. Out of the four men, he's the sweatiest, and I lean away from him, laughing as I try to push him off.
"Get off me!" I laugh, practically crushing Brad behind me, who wraps an arm around my waist. He pulls me into his lap, but Neil doesn't let go of me. I feel my face flush again at their closeness, and I bring my hands over my face as as I laugh in embarrassment.
"Leave her alone," Adam says, his voice laced with annoyance. Neil grumbles but pulls away, and I uncover my face to see him grabbing a bottle opener and opening up his beer. Brad doesn't release me but rests his chin on my shoulder. He's so close that I could kiss him just by turning my head. My breath catches in my throat at the thought. As much as I love Brad, I'd rather it be Adam holding me. Just as I think that, Adam's eyes meet mine. I become acutely aware of Brad's arm still around me and his warm body flush against mine. I stare into Adam's blue eyes, trying to figure out what he's thinking. The room is quiet, and I can hear the soft sound of Brad's breathing by my ear. Adam's eyes flicker from my eyes to Brad's arm around me before returning to my face. He glances at Brad, and although I can't see Brad's face, the two men are most likely staring each other down. Barry looks from Brad to Adam before deciding that he doesn't care and pulling out his phone. I glance toward Neil, who meets my gaze before shrugging subtly, his shoulders rising ever so slightly. He raises an eyebrow before taking a sip of his beer. I look to Adam again, and he sighs before leaning back into his seat.

Wow that was a shitty ending, but I need to get shit moving ergo next chapter going lmao
And you probably noticed, but this has come to be due to the fact that BRAD IS BEING A CUTE LIL SHIT, and I'm catching feelings dammit

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