Both Small

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"You okay?" I'm jerked from my thoughts as Brad leans into my side.
"What? Yeah," I reply absently. My mind keeps wandering to my blades stuffed in my bag, and Adam's drugs stuffed in his pocket. Right there. I eye his pocket as he reaches in the cupboard for something. We're on the bus, headed toward the next stop on the tour. The guys hadn't seen Grace yet since Adam helped me stuff it into his bunk before anyone saw.
"You're acting strange," Brad comments, looking at me. I blush as I meet his blue eyes, and he lifts his hand to play with his lip ring again.
"Am I?" I watch as he turns his lip ring between his thumb and forefinger. "Why do you always do that?" I ask, tilting my head to the side.
"I don't know. Just a habit," he replies, and Adam falls onto the couch beside me. Suddenly, I'm acutely aware of Brad's warm body pressed into my side as Adam leans into me from the other side.
"It's cute," I tell him, unable to hide my smile as I blush. I've always loved how he would play with his lip ring, and it's even cuter in person.
"Thanks," he laughs, blushing as well.
"Eve, when do you want to go to sleep? And we have to get Grace out of my bunk," Adam says, and I glance at him.
"Soon. What time is it?"
"10:30," he replies, checking his phone.
"Who's Grace?" Brad asks, leaning into me more. "Is there another girl on the bus?" His face is so close to mine, and my breath catches in my throat.
"She's my violin," I whisper to him after a moment.
"Why are we whispering?" he whispers back, a smile playing on his lips.
"I don't like playing in front of people," I respond.
"And that's why you hid her in Adam's bunk?"
"Afraid Neil would bug you?"
"Basically, yes," I laugh. "I'll work up my confidence to play sometime."
"I'd love to hear you play." He finally pulls away and speaks normally. I blush and nod, pulling away as well.
"Where are you sleeping?" he asks, and I look to Adam.
"You can sleep with me, if you want." He shrugs, running a hand through his hair.
"Ooooh don't be too loud," Neil hoots, a smirk on his face as he comes over to us.
"Fuck off, Neil," Adam groans, rolling his eyes.
"And we all know those bunks are too small for fucking," Brad adds, his eyes sparkling mischievously.
"Don't remind me," Neil laughs.
"Oh god, I did not need to know that," I say, my cheeks burning at the thought.
"You might be able to fuck Brad, though. You're both small," Neil comments, making my breath catch in my throat again. We fall silent, and my face burns. I glance at Brad, and he's staring at Neil in shock.
"She's not that small," Barry says, breaking the silence.
"You really need to shut the fuck up, Neil," Brad finally says, rolling his blue eyes. This might be a long tour.


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