Holy Shit

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"Did you use protection?"
"It's a routine question. Nobody is judging you," Vivian, my doctor, says, raising an eyebrow at me, a smile playing on her lips.
"The fact that you say that nobody is judging me makes me feel like someone is judging me," I respond, raising my eyebrow back at her. "But anyway, I don't remember, honestly. I don't think so."
"Yeah. I don't recall a condom in the situation," Adam admits sheepishly, his cheeks tinted pink. I glance at him, and I roll my eyes at his expression.
"Okay. Well, let's see if you really do have a baby in you," she replies, suppressing a chuckle. She gathers her things before gesturing for me to lie down on a bed beside her. Taking off my shoes, I lie down, Adam moving his chair over to sit by my head. I lift my shirt enough for her to check my stomach to see if the fucker is indeed in there. I reach for Adam, and he takes my hand in both of his, kissing my knuckles gently. "How long have you been together?" she asks, applying some cold gel to my stomach.
"About a month and a half," Adam responds for me.
"Really? I thought you'd been together longer—just because you're so close," Vivian says with a smile, taking the transducer in her hand.
"We just kind of clicked," I reply, tilting my head up to look at him. His blue eyes meet mine, and he smiles.
"Mmm my husband and I were like that," she says reminiscently, a soft smile on her face. "We've been married for ten years now." She presses the transducer to my stomach before sliding it around.
"That's amazing."
"It is," she replies giddily as she continues to slowly slide the transducer along my skin. "Here we are!" she announces, tapping and clicking at something on the machine. An image appears on the screen, and I can barely make out a small dot.
"Holy shit," Adam and I say at the same time, making us both giggle.
"Holy shit is right," she laughs. "There's your baby!"
"Holy shit," I repeat, staring at the screen. Sure the pregnancy test said positive. Sure I was like 99.9% sure I did have a fucker in my stomach. That doesn't change the fact that I'm still in awe.
"So, she's pregnant. For real?"
"Yes, Mr. Gontier. For real," she laughs, taking the transducer away and wiping the gel off me.
"Holy shit. I'm going to be a dad."
"You're going to give your kid the language of a sailor," Vivian scolds with a laugh.
"Fuck yes I am," Adam responds, shaking my hand up and down excitedly.
"What? It's not like you don't swear!"
I start laughing, pulling my hand out of his to bat at him.
"Hey!" he whines as I smack his arm.
"You are so fucking annoying but also so fucking cute," I laugh before sitting up and pulling down my shirt.
Adam meets my eyes before cheekily responding, "I know."

Holy shit.
And why is Adam so cute like fuck you Gontier stop it

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