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"Fuck," I groan.
"Shit. I'm sorry," Adam mumbles, making me smile.
"I'm fine. Just don't slam me into the wall so hard next time," I laugh before kissing him again. We're finally in a hotel room after a couple of days on the bus. Things are good with Brad, and I'm so glad that we're all still friends. Although I don't think friends kiss other friends in the way that Adam's kissing me.
He moves his hands to the bottom of my shirt before pulling away from my lips. "Okay?" he breathes, and I nod. He pulls up my shirt, and I raise my arms, letting him pull it off me. My hoodie had already been discarded earlier. His hands grip my hips as he continues to kiss me, his lips hot and demanding against mine. I tug on the bottom of his shirt, and he pulls away to take it off before attaching his lips to mine again. I lift my leg, wrapping it around his waist, and he moves his hands to my ass. I jump, wrapping my other leg around him, and he catches me easily. Pulling away from the wall, he carries me over to the bed. We basically fall onto the bed, and I grunt under his weight. "Sorry," he mumbles, kissing down my neck.
"Mmm," I reply, breathing heavily as he begins sucking on my skin. I self consciously cross my arms over my stomach, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. He glances at me, meeting my eyes before gently pulling my arms away from my stomach.
"Beautiful," he says simply, kissing down my stomach. His facial hair tickles my skin, and my heart beats faster with each of his actions. He swiftly unzips my jeans, pushing them down my legs. I blush more as I'm left in my underwear in front of him. Although he's seen me like this before, I still can't help but feel self-conscious. He unbuckles his belt, pushing off his jeans before climbing on top of me again. He kisses me gently, his hands moving down my body slowly. I shiver at his touch, my stomach erupting in butterflies as I realize this is really happening. He suddenly pulls away and meets my eyes. "Do you want this?" he asks softly.
"Yes," I immediately reply, and he smiles before pressing his lips to mine again. It's in that moment that I realize something. Does he know? "Adam," I mumble against his lips. He pulls away and looks at me with a concerned expression. "I'm a virgin."
"You what?" He looks shocked, and I blush deeply, embarrassed. "No! I don't mean it in a bad way," he says quickly. "I just can't believe someone as beautiful as you wouldn't have already..." he trails off, his cheeks turning slightly pink.
"I'm not beautiful."
"Yes, you are." He kisses me again, moving his hands under my body as I arch my back. He unclasps my bra, and I let him pull it off me. "So fucking beautiful," he breathes, his lips brushing mine. My heart flutters at his words, and his hands move down lower. His fingers brush the waistband of my panties, and my breath catches in my throat. "Okay?" he whispers, and I nod. He pushes down my panties, and I feel my face heat up. He moves down my body, pulling the last material covering me off my legs. "Fuck," he breathes, and I can see his eyes darkening as he looks at me. He climbs on top of me again, moving a hand to my right breast as he kisses me. I let out a soft moan, and he bites my bottom lip gently. "Do you really think you're not beautiful?" he murmurs, pulling away slightly.
"I'm not."
"I can make you feel beautiful," he whispers before kissing me with passion.
It hurts a bit at first, but he's gentle. He whispers sweet things in my ear, occasionally groaning in pleasure—which turns me on even more. It's the most intense thing I've ever experienced in my entire life, and knowing that I'm giving him this much pleasure makes it all the more pleasurable for me.
About an hour later, we both collapse on the bed, tired yet satisfied.
"Did I make your first time memorable? Do you feel beautiful?" he asks worriedly, making me giggle.
"Absolutely," I reply, kissing his lips lazily. And for the first time in a long time, I really do feel beautiful.

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