Defense Squad

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"Oh my god! You're Eve!" a girl screams, making me flinch and almost drop the cigarette in my hand.
"Yeah?" I tilt my head to the side as I watch the three familiar-looking teenage girls come running toward me. I let my cigarette fall to the ground before stepping on it.
"Can we get a picture?" a brunette girl asks.
"Sure," I respond, giving them a smile. I can't figure out why they seem familiar, but they do.
"I'm Cassidy, by the way," she tells me as she puts an arm around me.
"I'm Opal," a blonde girl says, coming to my other side.
"And I'm Alex," the other blonde girl finishes, standing beside Opal. I put my arms around the two girls beside me as Alex snaps a few pictures.
"Thanks so much, Eve!" Opal gushes as they pull away from me.
"No problem." I grin. "Thanks for being so nice."
"Of course. I mean, we are The Evangeline Defense Squad," Cassidy smirks before giggling. My eyes widen as I realize that's why they seem so familiar.
"Holy shit! You're—"
"That's right," Opal says, her green eyes sparkling brightly.
Sure enough, after letting the fans know of my account, I'd started to receive massive amounts of hate. After a couple of days, an account called "The Evangeline Defense Squad" appeared, and they'd defend me against literally every hater.
"Oh my god!" I exclaim, covering my mouth. "I fucking love you guys! You're amazing!" I gush, making them giggle.
"We love you, too," Alex laughs.
"You don't know how much your account means to me. Like, it's stupid, but the hate would get to me sometimes, you know?"
"I totally get it," Cassidy replies. "But you have to remember that they're just jealous pricks, and nothing they say can change the fact that you're awesome."
"That's so sweet. Thank you, guys," I say, genuinely touched by how much they care. I suddenly get an idea. "Hey, can you guys wait here for, like, five minutes? I have to go ask the band something."
"Sure!" Cassidy responds with a grin.
"I'll be right back." I go through the door into the venue and run down the hall. I can hear the guys soundchecking, and I go over to the side of the stage. Adam sees me and grins as they finish up "Gone Forever". He walks over to me, running a hand through his messy hair.
"Hey," I reply, tilting my head up to peck his lips. He smiles, and I pull away. "I just met my defense squad."
"Really?" He raises an eyebrow, and I nod.
"Would it be okay if they come backstage and watch you guys soundcheck?"
"Sure. Call them in," he responds, grabbing my hand as I try to leave to pull me into his arms again. He kisses me again as I giggle against his lips before releasing me. "Now you can go," he chuckles, and I laugh as I run back toward the door.
"Hey! Sorry for the wait!" I say as I burst through the door. "You want to watch the guys soundcheck?"
"Seriously?" Opal exclaims, her blonde hair bouncing as she jumps up and down.
"Of course! Come on."

The Evangeline Defense Squad doe

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