No Regrets

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I open my eyes and try to move, only to be overcome by soreness. I groan, and Adam stirs beside me.
"Are you okay?" he asks, his voice rough with sleep.
"Just sore," I groan, trying to get out of bed.
"Do you want painkillers or something?" He gets out of bed, yanking on his boxers before coming to my side.
"It's okay," I reply as he helps me to my feet. He grabs a blanket, and I wrap it around my body. "Thanks."
"Are you feeling okay?" he asks worriedly, and I nod.
"I'm fine. Why?"
"You still like me? Shit. I mean like like," he says, shaking his head as if trying to clear his thoughts. I laugh at his cuteness and nod again.
"I like like you very much. Why wouldn't I?"
"I was worried you might regret last night," he replies, looking into my eyes. As the words leave his mouth, I realize just how much he cares about me. I knew he cared, I mean, he showed it all the time in any way he could. But the genuine concern in his voice makes me feel loved and safe.
"I don't regret it. I was more concerned that you would regret it," I admit, blushing a bit.
"Oh fuck no. I like like you even more now," he chuckles, pulling me into a hug.
"Mmm that makes me happy," I giggle, and he pulls away.
"Okay, you have to get dressed already," he tells me, biting his lip.
"Do I now?"
"Yes. Right now. Unless you can handle another round," he responds, a smirk forming on his face.
"It's too early," I giggle, blushing at the thought.
"Thought so. So put on some clothes," he laughs, and I pass him, walking awkwardly to my bag and grabbing some clothes.
"I'm going to take a shower," I tell him, dropping the blanket and walking into the bathroom.
So last night really happened. So I really lost my virginity. So I really lost my virginity to Adam fucking Gontier. Nice.

that awful ending made me snort like wtf "nice" okay then
Like if I was Eve I wouldn't be like "nice"
I'd be fucking deceased by the time he takes off his shirt and climbs on top of me like forget fucking I'd already be unconscious holy shiiiiit my heart

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