Death By Spider

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"Oh my god, you scared me," I laugh as Brad bursts into the dressing room. He grins at me, running his hands through his messy hair. "How was the show?"
"Fucking awesome," he responds, beaming at me. "I saw you watching."
"You know I can't resist," I laugh, getting up and going over to the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water, I toss it to him.
"Thanks," he replies, catching it before opening it and drinking thirstily.
"Where's Adam?"
"Want to go look for him?" he asks, closing the cap on his water before tossing it on the couch.
"Yeah." I follow him out of the room, and we start walking toward the stage. We can hear voices, and as we look around the corner, we see Neil and Barry talking.
"Hey, guys," Brad calls. "Where's Adam?"
"Hey, Ange," Neil yells from behind the drums, grinning at me.
I give him a wave, and Barry says, "I thought Adam was with you?"
"Haven't seen him," I reply, and Neil furrows his brow.
"That's weird."
"Maybe he went out for a smoke?" I suggest.
"Without you?" Brad looks at me.
"Okay, true. I can't think of where else he'd be." I shrug.
"You want to come?" Brad says as he turns around.
"Nah. I've got some riff ideas, and Neil is helping me," Barry responds, giving us a wave. I wave back and follow Brad toward the exit.
"Do you think the press will be outside?"
"I don't know," he replies, chewing on his lip ring. We walk toward the back door, and Brad opens the door slowly, poking his head out to check if anyone is outside. "Nobody here." We walk outside, and Adam is nowhere to be seen. It's still a bit light out, the show having been in the afternoon today.
"Where is—WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?" I shriek, jumping in terror before crashing into Brad and clutching his arm.
"WHAT?" he yells in surprise, grabbing my arm to steady us.
"WHERE?" he screeches, gripping my arm tighter. I frantically point to the huge spider on the ground. "HOLY SHIT!" he yells as he sees it. It keeps walking away from us, completely unfazed. It goes around the corner, and I let out a long breath that I didn't even realize I was holding in. Brad's grip on me loosens, and he starts laughing. I start laughing, too, the ridiculousness of the entire situation finally getting to me. "It's going to murder Adam," he says seriously, making me laugh harder. I cover my mouth, and he leans in close to my ear. "Imagine Adam stuck in a giant spider web."
"Oh god," I laugh, putting my forehead on his shoulder as I giggle. We finally stop laughing, and I blush as I realize how close we are. He doesn't release me, and I lift my head, meeting his blue eyes. I open my mouth to say something, but I can't remember as I stare into his eyes. They're such a beautiful, stormy blue—I've always adored blue eyes. I force myself to blink, trying to clear my thoughts. "Right. Okay," I say, my voice going high. I pull away and blush. "We should go find him."
"Yeah," he says after a moment, finally snapping out of his daze as well. "He's not out here, I guess." We go back inside and decide to try the dressing room again.
"Adam!" I exclaim as I see him sitting on the couch.
"Eve!" He stands up and envelops me in a hug. "Where were you?"
"Looking for you," I mumble as I get smothered in his chest—not that I'm complaining.
"I was getting a smoke and came back in through that way," he replies, waving his arm behind him. "You came through that way?" He gestures forward.
"After almost getting murdered by a spider," Brad replies, plopping down on the couch as we pull apart. "You were so scared."
"Oh shut up. My arm almost lost circulation from you gripping it too hard," I laugh, sitting beside him. Adam comes beside me, putting an arm around me as he leans into my side.
"I would have protected you," he chuckles, nuzzling my neck.
"Mmm I know you would've," I reply, shivering at his touch.
"I like like you so much," he mumbles before kissing my neck.
I blush before saying, "I like like you so much, too."


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