Everything Worked Out

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"Mitch! Get back here!" I yell, chasing him as he runs to open the door. "What did I tell you about opening the door without me?" I demand as he pulls the door open. "You—" My mouth falls open as I see them. "Adam!" I yell, a grin forming on my face as I run into Brad's arms.
"I missed you, Angie," he says, spinning me around before looking at me and grinning.
"So this is the infamous Mitchell?" Neil laughs, picking him up.
"Shut up."
"Mitchell Adam! That's not very nice," I say but can't help but burst into laughter. I pull away from Brad to give Barry a hug.
"How've you been?" he asks.
"We've been great. How about you guys?"
"Holy fuck!" I hear Adam say behind me, making me laugh.
"We've been pretty good, yeah," Barry replies as I pull away.
"Hey, where's my hug?"
I roll my eyes as I wrap my arms around him. "I didn't forget about you, you little shit."
"Mommy said shit! Shit shit shit!"
"Mitchell!" I laugh. "Hey! You didn't say anything when Daddy said fuck!"
"Oh right. Fuck fuck fuck!"
"God dammit." Pulling away and taking Mitch from Neil, I give him one-armed hug. I step back to look at the guys and smile. After that last day on tour, Adam left the band. Brad's younger brother, Matt, joined as the new vocalist. After some time, we all made up and kept in touch over the years. Turns out I was pregnant, and this time, everything went smoothly. Thus, Mitchell Adam Gontier was born, and Adam and I got married. Barry, Neil, and Brad also found their soulmates and married them, and Matt has a steady girlfriend.
"What are you guys doing here?" Adam asks with a grin.
"Well, we heard that a certain somebody has formed a new band?" Neil says, raising an eyebrow.
"Perhaps," Adam responds with a smirk.
"We're glad you're still making music and not just babies," Matt says, making me laugh. Seeing me laughing, Mitch starts laughing, too.
"Wouldn't it be great if we could all do a little tour together?" Brad says, and Adam smiles.
"That would be pretty fucking awesome."
"No, Mitchell," I say quickly as he opens his mouth to speak. He sticks out his bottom lip, making Adam chuckle.
"Everything really worked out," he says softly, and I look at him.
"Yeah. It really did," Neil agrees.
Everything did work out. For everyone. I started out unable to see any hope for myself, but then I met Adam. Who knew life could be this good?

I fucking miss Mitchell Adam Lucker
I cry
That's the end there you go ha happy ending

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