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"Dammit, Neil! I said not to be weird!" Brad yells as Neil flicks another potato chip at him. Apparently there was one more bag left, which Neil has been using as ammunition to shoot at everyone—mostly at Brad, though.
"I'm not being weird! I'm being myself," he counters, flicking another potato chip at Brad and managing to hit him in the face.
"Will you shut up?" Adam yells, making the two look at him.
"He started it," Brad accuses, pointing at Neil.
"This is what it's usually like," Barry tells me, and I laugh. I've always found Barry's deep voice to be soothing, and hearing it in person has the same effect on me.
"I like it," I say, watching Brad be annoyed with Neil, who continues to assault him with potato chips. Adam groans, rolling his eyes at them. He takes off his cap, putting it beside him on the floor before running his hands through his hair.
"Don't know if you'll like it if you have to live with it," Barry chuckles as I continue to watch Adam, mesmerized by his movements.
"Okay, that's true," I reply, unable to hide my smile as I finally tear my eyes away from Adam to see Brad eating the chips that Neil's launched at him.
"Hey Eve?" Adam says, making me look at him. We're sitting across from each other, and he leans forward on his elbows a bit. His blue eyes seem to stare through me, and it feels as though he's reading me like a book—all my thoughts and secrets open to him. "Is it okay if I call you Eve? I like it," he says, making me smile.
"Yeah. Of course," I reply, butterflies erupting in my stomach as I realize that he's given me a nickname.
"I was wondering what you do for work?" he says, his words sounding like a question more than a statement.
"I work at this diner near my apartment," I tell him, watching his reaction. He raises his eyebrows ever so slightly, and I can't interpret whether it means he's disappointed or intrigued—although I can't fathom how a waitressing job would be intriguing.
"So you're a waitress," he says, his tone actually sounding as though he's interested, not disappointed. He laces his fingers together, still leaning forward, and I glance at his tattoos and rings.
"Yeah. I'd rather be cooking, but unfortunately, when life gave me lemons," I look at the silver ring on his right ring finger—it looks like a bison skull. I continue, "I couldn't squeeze them in people's eyes to make them let me be a cook." A smile plays on the corners of my lips as the words leave my mouth, and lifting my gaze from his ring, I meet his eyes.
"I like the way you think, Eve," Adam smirks, raising his right eyebrow.
"I'm just not the type to make lemonade." I shrug, and Barry starts laughing, the sound so infectious that I can't help but break into a grin.
Suddenly, Brad curses, "God fucking dammit!" I look toward him to see him trying to flick chips back at Neil. He's missing, and Neil laughs at him as he flicks a chip right in Brad's face. Neil throws his head back in laughter as Brad keeps missing, getting more and more agitated by the minute.
"Should we get to soundcheck soon?" Barry asks, shaking his head at the two men, who continue to flick chips at each other.
Adam checks his phone before replying, "Yeah. I think so."

okay wHy are they all being so cute like wtf I thought I was controlling these dudes AND LIKE BRAD IS MAKING ME FEEL STUFF wait that sounded so wrong
Anywayyyyyy I promise it'll get more interesting soon, and thanks so much for reading!
Oh and also this: "his words sounding like a question more than a statement"—I was like, wait is that right? And then my dad was like why not go with "utter", and we came up with:
His utterances uttered in an utterly question-like way rather than a normal straightforward utterance.
Yeah. Mhmm. We have interesting brains.

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