Someone Like Him

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"Do you have a light?"
I flinch at the sudden voice and turn around. "Shawn. Hey," I laugh nervously. "Sure."
"Thanks," he chuckles, coming up beside me and taking the lighter from my hand. He lights his cigarette before giving me my lighter back. I take a deep drag, trying to figure out a way to go back inside without seeming too obvious. Stuffing my lighter in my pocket, I flick the ashes off my cigarette. Adam should be back any minute now, so I just have to deal with Shawn for a little while.
"So, how long have you been Adam's girl?" he asks, and I glance at him.
"Couple of months."
"I'm surprised someone like you would settle for someone like him," he responds, taking a drag as if he didn't just insult Adam and me.
"Excuse me?" I raise an eyebrow at him, and he shrugs.
"Just saying you could do a lot better." He meets my gaze, and after a moment, I look away, taking a drag as I try to subdue my anger. When I don't respond, he says, "Like me."
I burst out laughing. "Are you serious?" I look at him, and his face tells me that he is serious and also doesn't appreciate my laughter. I clear my throat, dropping my cigarette and grinding it out with my foot.
"He's a compete fuck up, and—"
I look toward the door, and I let out a breath of relief as I see Adam. He comes over to my side, wrapping an arm around my waist.
"You were saying something?" Adam says, his voice low.
"I was just telling Eve that she could do a lot better than you," Shawn responds, dropping his cigarette with a shrug before stepping on it.
"Were you, now?"
"She'd be a lot better off with me."
"If you're trying to make me mad, that's not going to work. I mean, I already know all that," Adam replies, rolling his eyes. "Although, I wouldn't think she'd be better off with you."
"Then again, I suppose I don't want a slut. Brad, huh?" He looks at me, and I feel Adam's arm around me tense. "Hell, I'll bet you've fucked the whole band!" My face flushes, and before I know what's happening, Adam's arm is no longer around me. His fist connects with Shawn's face, and Shawn collapses to the ground.
"I don't give a fuck about what you say about me, but you don't talk shit about my girl," Adam growls, clenching and unclenching his fists. Shawn coughs, his nose bleeding profusely as he scowls at Adam. He opens his mouth to say something, but the door opens, and we all look toward it.
"Shawn!" Cassidy shrieks, rushing to his side and helping him up. "What the fuck?"
"First, he was hitting on Eve, then he started talking shit about her. I did what I had to do," Adam snaps. "You can do better than this piece of shit, Cassidy," he tells her, spinning around, grabbing my hand, and pulling me into the building with him before I can even say anything.


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