You Know What I'm Saying

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"You okay?"
"What?" Brad gives me a surprised expression, and I furrow my brow.
"I asked if you were okay," I say softly, studying his face. He's been moody as hell for the past few days, and he's refused to talk about or acknowledge his drunken utterances. Even during shows, he seems out of it. His enthusiasm is gone, and it's disappeared so suddenly that it's scaring the shit out of everyone.
"I'm fine," he replies in monotone, looking at the floor of the bus again.
"Brad, look. We have to talk about this at some point," I tell him, and he glances at me. His blue eyes are dull, and he sighs softly.
"She's right," Barry comments behind me, and Brad looks past me at him.
"Can we talk in private?" Brad asks, looking to me again.
"Sure," I reply, and he stands up. I follow him to the back of the bus, and he sits on the edge of his bunk. I sit down beside him, and he lets out a breath.
"Angie. Remember when I told you that I liked you then kissed you?"
"How could I forget?" I reply softly.
"Yeah," he chuckles softly, the corners of his lips turning up slightly in a small smile. "Since then, I was trying to suppress my feelings for you. I was actually doing pretty well." He pauses, looking forward blankly. "But with time, I realized my attempts were futile—the heart wants what it wants, Angie. And my heart wants you."
I don't know how to respond, and I feel my cheeks flush.
"I don't think I can do this anymore," he says softly before looking at me.
"What do you mean?"
"Do you love Adam?" he suddenly asks, catching me by surprise.
"Yes," I say after I get over the initial shock of him asking that.
"I thought so," he says wistfully, looking away.
"I can't be around you knowing you can't be mine and I can't be yours," he says, cutting me off.
"What are you saying, Brad?" I ask slowly, starting to feel uneasy.
"I think you know what I'm saying."

mostly bc idk what he's gonna say lmfaooooo
Well I have ideas but idk what direction to go in yet so hold your bazookas thanks

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