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Chasing {H.S.} by beatleswhotpwk
Chasing {H.S.}by ash
{{COMPLETE}} One Direction is a majorly big rock band that's popularity expands all around the globe. Their reputation includes the classic ideals of sex, drugs, and roc...
IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobain by ugh-nirvana
IN THE SUN ↝ kurt cobainby 𝖘 🦇
l.c ♡'s k.c forever
Saved//a.irwin [completed / editing] by tidal-wxves
Saved//a.irwin [completed / unlucky angel ☁️👼🏼
Skylenne is just an ignored beaten teenage girl in Australia. Her father beats her at home, students beat her at school, and she hides in a darkened room both in and out...
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Story) by ShadyCaity
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Caity Motionless
I never really was good at the whole dating thing. I've never been in love, and frankly I don't believe in it. In my opinion, dating is just to see if someone is compati...
Live Through This/ Liam Gallagher by timeforariotghoul
Live Through This/ Liam Gallagherby Kat
"Go for Credit in the Straight World, Won't you try?" When the famed American rockstar, Avery Pince, is offered an escape from the USA from an old friend, she...
greta (kiszka) one shots/preference by gretavanflea
greta (kiszka) one shots/preferenceby lil
some old, shitty, stories about the kiszka boys. no danny in here as i could never seem to fit danny into stories, i still love him just as much as the others i swear. ...
Classic Rock Imagines And One Shots by classicrockdreams
Classic Rock Imagines And One Shotsby E
Exactly what the title says. Feel free to leave requests in the comments!
instagram | liam gallagher by criesinoasis
instagram | liam gallagherby morgan
'one new message' criesinoasis - 2017, liam gallagher
CLASSY MOTHERF*****S. by paolacamillebooks
CLASSY MOTHERF***** Paola Camille
"I'll fuck you like a princess , might get rough but I'll take care of you ;)" (Highest Rank: #2 in Fiction) All Rights Reserved 2015 @ Paola WARNING: Readers...
What happens after band practice? by Kyo_j_readz
What happens after band practice?by Ko readz
Naruto surprises sakura and ino with passes for a concert. not just any concert SASUKE'S CONCERT. naruto doesn't really know of sasuke or the band but sakura and ino wer...
Music Strings ✓ |Luka Couffaine × Reader| by alazyass_
Music Strings ✓ |Luka Couffaine × I'm Lazy
Aspiring Bands, Musical Groups, and Artists all around the Globe were given a chance to compete and be recognized by all in a form of competition. A Band competition. K...
Nikki's Kid. by That1MetalHead
Nikki's That1MetalHead
Maggie Sixx was born 5 years before Mötley Crüe became a band. She was raised in a shitty apartment on sunset strip, surrounded by girls, drugs and Rock n Roll! Nikki tr...
Over and Over by Marie_1022
Over and Overby Marie_1022
Katie and Alli have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They move to California to attend college and end up living next door to these two guys. Dustin i...
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
stories from the city; damon albarn by timeforariotghoul
stories from the city; damon albarnby Kat
"there are different interpretations of stages and the performances and platforms we give. chloe erlich is a writer who through words finds passion, or real life me...
Offstage (Dnf) by Confuzed_teddy
Offstage (Dnf)by Teddy :]
George is a simple college student who goes to a concert with his best friend after much persuasion. He meets Clay, a famous singer in the music industry with his band w...
Adore You | Catradora by ahskatano
Adore You | Catradoraby 𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐊
In order to get more media coverage for their famous rock band, Shadow Weaver bans romantic relationships between all the band members. Adora's fine with Glimmer lip si...
Falsely Yours, Arthur by LeviRonan
Falsely Yours, Arthurby heer?
Arthur Fucking walker would someday ruin me. • Ever since the day Marnie set her eyes on Arthur she knew she was done for. With dark eyes and dark hair, the girl in the...
Grow Up (Frerard)  by desolationglow
Grow Up (Frerard) by <3
Gerard is a troubled student. By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he's lacking friends. Things only get worse when he falls for Fr...
desire ~ lrh by shadyrem
desire ~ lrhby sarah
"luke, what do you want?" "i want to leave sore after spending the night in between yours thighs." in which natalie, a seventeen year old fan, become...