Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts by brendonboydpatd
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smutsby x Random Fangirl x
Imagines, Fluffs and Smuts *I TAKE REQUESTS*
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Taking It by TheMightyKeyboard
Taking Itby TheMightyKeyboard
"Who's to say that I have any secrets?" "Everyone has secrets, princess." • - • - • This is the story of how a broken girl meets a broken boy and the...
  • teen
  • newgirl
  • goldenboy
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Ocean // Corbyn Besson by adamarisro101
Ocean // Corbyn Bessonby Ä đ ä m ä r ï s
"I been missing I been crushing on you all night. I should take you to the moon that's a long flight. We should chill me and you if it's alright." Highest rank...
  • corbynbesson
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Find Me In The City Of Angels [Completed] by NataliaBritt
Find Me In The City Of Angels [ N. N. Britt
I'm broken and I'm not sure if I can be fixed. I'm not even sure whether I want that. Feeling the kind of pain I've been feeling... It's better not feeling at all. Why d...
  • comingofage
  • ptsd
  • newadult
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The Bad Boy's Piano Girl by simplyhafs
The Bad Boy's Piano Girlby Hafsah
Every high school girl's dream is to be the best dressed, have a perfect boyfriend and be the next prom queen. Well that is everyone except Heidi... Heidi Thompson is...
  • bands
  • romance
  • rock
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Together (BTS X BLACKPINK)by MinAgustDy
BTS X BLACKPINK Two different groups, 11 different people, all in one dorm. When BLACKPINK does not even know the name of the group that lives with them, how much worse...
  • k-pop
  • love
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Dude, We're Just Broskies || Cashton by kelliclashton
Dude, We're Just Broskies || meow
In which Ashton and Calum cuddle, kiss and look at each other naked. No homo though.
  • badboy
  • jocks
  • gayfiction
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Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shots by Runaway-To-My-Aid
Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shotsby Queen S👑
All in the name, all fandoms.
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Why Don't We Imagines & Preferences by WritingDuhh
Why Don't We Imagines & Preferencesby WritingDuh
Imagines and Preferences about Why Don't We!! Requests always welcome!! *All these are mine unless stated other wise. *Ask permission and before using* :) Hope you a...
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science, bitch (calum hood au) [COMPLETED] by lIamas
science, bitch (calum hood au) [ nia
"why are you so damn irresistible?" "it's science, bitch." pls note that the first like half of this book is awful and fetus me (sequel 'spring break...
  • stupid
  • calumhood
  • 5sos
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Let's Pretend | ✓ by musicnotes
Let's Pretend | ✓by Delilah E.
When Kade discovers that her incredibly annoying classmate, Marcel Styles is living under a double personality, her attention for him is immediately piqued. Little does...
  • secrets
  • harry
  • teen
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Mute ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader {Completed} by NewYearNewMeme
Mute ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader { mama liz
In which you and Tyler have a conversation everyday, but he's the only one talking. {all respect to jenna because jenna is amazing and she and tyler are goals} {{it's ju...
  • music
  • wattys2017
  • twenty
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saved me | awsten knight by ugholland
saved me | awsten knightby thomas
"'You aren't the same shy boy I met a few months ago." "That's because I met you." #3 under waterparks / / #3 under awsten / / #11 under bands
  • knight
  • wood
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PRETTYMUCH Imagines by CaribbeanGyalPM
Stories about our faves PrettyMuch💙
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Strung by carte_blanche_milady
Strungby carte_blanche_milady
London Grey is known for two things - her passion for her incredible artistic talent, and her undying love for the band Hazmat. But what happens when those two intertwin...
  • hot
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I Apologize for Collateral Damage | Brendon Urie X Reader| by Bandand_phanTrash
I Apologize for Collateral whore
Y/n goes to school, gets it over with & has a band called golden goodbyes. what else about Y/n's life? oh yea , she's been in love with her brothers bestfriend brendon u...
  • brendonurie
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Killjoys Gerard x reader by ReVeNGeQueeN03
Killjoys Gerard x readerby lonely shadow
You are a lone killjoy who met a random guy who turns out to be a killjoy too. Is it possible you two will find love? Warning: this was my first ever fanfic so it's comp...
  • mychemicalromance
  • funghoul
  • draculoids
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palaye royale | on hold  by urantiexo
palaye royale | on hold by e x o
Emerson(1) 'Maybe this time i will pin you against the wall.' Highest Ranking: #6 in Bands.
  • newdiscovery
  • adventure
  • wattys2017
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Golden Days (adopted by Brendon Urie) by Chicken_Waffles123
Golden Days (adopted by Brendon Chicken_Waffles123
Emily Johnson was a normal 15 year old girl. Yes of course shes a little too obsessed with different bands and artists, but isn't every girl? When was 12 her mother died...
  • wattys2018
  • noahschnapp
  • dallonweekes
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Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie) by satanuriesays
Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie)by satanuriesays
I was trapped with him in an asylum. And he was a fucking maniac.
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