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"That was incredible, oh god," Alex gushes as the band finish up with soundcheck.
"I can't believe this," Cassidy swoons before slapping away Opal's hand trying to pinch her. They start laughing, and Adam comes over to us.
"Hey there," he says, making the girls look up at him.
"Oh god. Oh god," Opal breathes, clasping her hands together in front of her mouth.
"This is Alex, Cassidy, and Opal," I tell him, gesturing to each of the girls.
"Nice to meet you. And thanks for defending my girl. It really means a lot," he says, running a hand through his hair before pulling me into his side. I blush and look down while the girls gasp and go "aww".
"It's our pleasure," Alex says with a grin. "You guys are our OTP, and we can't let haters get in the way."
"Exactly," Cassidy agrees excitedly.
"Would it be okay if we got a picture all together?" Opal asks, pulling out her phone.
"Sure," Adam responds, and we all crowd together to get in the shot.
"This isn't easy," Opal laughs as she tries to stretch her hand out more.
"I'm not accepting half my face, now try harder," Alex laughs, moving closer to me.
"Here, just let me do it," Adam says, taking Opal's phone and stretching his arm. He takes a few photos before giving Opal her phone back.
"Oh god, thank you so much!" she gushes excitedly, making Adam chuckle.
"It's our pleasure."
"You want to come backstage after the show and hang out?" I ask, and Cassidy nods rapidly.
"That would be awesome!"

I just spelled "filler" as "filer"

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