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I wake up to obnoxious beeping and the smell of strong sterilizer. I blink only to be met by bright lights. I narrow my eyes and raise my hand to try and shield myself from the unbearable brightness.
"She's waking up! Adam!" It's Brad. I groan, turning my stiff neck to look at him. I meet his blue eyes, and he grins, but it seems forced.
"Eve?" I hear Adam's panicked voice, and he bursts into the room. He throws his arms around me, burying his face in my neck. "Eve," he whispers. I slowly wrap my arms around him, my body stiff and sore.
"What happened?" I manage to choke out, my voice hoarse and raspy.
"He hurt you," Adam says, his voice surprisingly even. "And...our baby." It takes a moment for his words to sink in.
"Oh my god he—" I can't finish as tears start to fall from my eyes. My chest clenches, and I gasp for air. Adam pulls away, thinking he was squeezing me too hard. "No," I mumble, pulling him back. I grip his shirt tightly, breathing in his scent as I try to calm down.
"I'm sorry, Angie," Brad says softly beside me, and I stretch out my hand to him. He grabs it, and I pull him toward me. Getting the hint, he wraps his arms around Adam and me.
"I'm not going," my breath hitches, "to be a mom," I whisper, my voice breaking. It feels like the entire world around me is crumbling. Something was growing and living inside me, and now it's gone. It was supposed to be a combination of Adam and me. And now it's gone.


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