No Side Effects

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"Did you ever tell the fans your Instagram?" Shawn asks me as the guys are sound checking. He leans against the wall, running a hand through his brown hair.
"Actually, no," I reply, watching as they perform "Riot".
"Are you going to? You guys should make it official officially some time," he says.
"Official officially?" I suppress a laugh.
"Oh shut up. I've only had two coffees this morning. Cut me some slack," he laughs.
"Okay okay," I reply, rolling my eyes playfully. "Won't it cause mass panic, though?"
"I don't know, but it would be better to do it sooner rather than later, to be honest." He shrugs, tilting his head to the side.
"That's true." I purse my lips as I think about it. It's something to be dealt with, especially since it would be a pain if the media spread the news before we actually said anything—wouldn't want a repeat of the spider incident with Brad. I force myself from my thoughts to hear Adam's growl in the song, which I've always adored. I could listen to his growls all day.
"Are you thinking or just ogling Adam?" Shawn asks wryly.
"Both," I respond, making him chuckle.
"He's lucky to have you," Shawn remarks.
"Really?" I meet his eyes, and he nods.
"You know how fucked up he can get," he responds, tilting his head to the side. "He needs something—someone to keep him rooted, and you're that person."
"It feels the other way around, though," I say softly, thinking of how much he's saved me.
"Maybe it goes both ways, but you didn't see how he was while you were in the hospital."
"Was it that bad?"
"He derailed completely. He barely spoke to anyone and spent all his time alone or waiting for you to wake up. I'm not sure if he even slept," he answers, watching as they start to perform "Good Life".
"He actually—" I stop myself, not knowing if Adam told Shawn about his relapse.
"Relapsed?" he says, as if he read my mind. When I don't respond, he sighs. "Yeah. I thought so. I didn't want to confront him while you were still in the hospital because I didn't know what he'd do, honestly."
"He's been sober for over a month now," I tell him, and he smiles.
"You don't know how powerful you are, Evangeline. No one can affect him like you can."
"But I completely shut down when he needed me the most," I admit, looking down.
"Yet he still managed to fight the drugs because he wanted you back," Shawn replies, and I look up at him. I'd never really thought about it like that. "Pardon the comparison, but I think you're his new drug."
"Only without the side effects," I say after a moment.

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