My Girl

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"So be prepared," Neil tells me. They'd explained, while we ate breakfast, that I might run into some press today during or after the show. So far, I'd been hiding out in the dressing rooms or backstage, and security managed to get us in and out without press bothering us. Since tonight they're playing in a slightly smaller venue, escape routes are scarce.
"You'll be with me, right?" I ask, looking at Adam nervously. I take an Advil with some water, my headache having started to return after coming to breakfast.
"I don't know," he replies with a shrug as I down the rest of my water.
"Just stick by one of us, and you'll be fine. During the show, you can hide out in the dressing room. I doubt they would break in," Brad laughs, sipping his coffee. I poke at my yogurt, sighing. Although Adam has been helping me eat normally, it's still hard.
"One of us should probably talk to them, though," Barry comments.
"Probably." Neil runs a hand through his hair. "We'll cross that rickety bridge if we get to it."
"If you do run into them, just say you're a friend of the band, get the new album, blah blah blah, and you'll be fine," Adam says, stuffing a piece of pancake in his mouth.
"You could say you're his girl," Barry says, making me blush.
"You're my girl?" Adam asks at the same moment that I say, "I'm your girl?" I giggle, embarrassed, and Neil bursts into laughter.
"It's settled, then. You're my girl," Adam says, touching my chin so I meet his eyes. He pecks my lips briefly before pressing his forehead to mine. I smile as butterflies erupt in my stomach.
"Ooooooh," Neil goes, and Barry laughs.
"Shut up, Neil," Adam chuckles, pulling away and going back to his food. "We don't have to announce it yet." He pauses. "I mean—" He leans in, whispering in my ear, "we haven't even had sex yet." My cheeks burn, and I giggle at his words.
"What'd he say? What? Tell me," Neil whines, looking at us. Adam shrugs, and I hide my face in his arm, still giggling in embarrassment. "What is it?"
"None of your business," Adam retorts, moving his arm around me so my face is in his chest. I wrap my arms around his waist, breathing in his scent before turning my head to the side. Brad's blue eyes meet mine, and he pulls his lip ring between his teeth, seeming a bit nervous. I raise my eyebrows at him questioningly, but he just shakes his head subtly before going back to eating. What's that about?

Shitty ending but whatever
Okay but am I the only one who thinks the way Adam calls Jeanie "my girl" IS SO FUCKING CUTE LIKE OH MY GOD

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