Not Hungry

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"You're not eating?" Neil asks Adam and me.
"I'm not hungry," we say at the same time. After I'd calmed down a bit, the guys had come back to the table with their food.
"Go get something. It's okay," I tell Adam, getting up so he can get out of the booth. He opens his mouth to protest, but I give him a look. Sighing, he finally gets up, and as I try to sit down, he grabs my hand, pulling me up with him. I stumble into his arms, and he catches me. Our faces are inches apart, and I can feel his breath on my parted lips. I stare into his eyes, forgetting where I am for a moment as I get lost in the stormy blue.
"Come with me," he whispers, snapping me out of my trace and pulling away before leading me toward the food. He grabs a plate, handing one to me. I reluctantly take it, and he takes one for himself, releasing my hand. "Look, Eve. You're beautiful. And honestly, I think you're at the perfect weight," he says, doling a spoonful of scrambled eggs onto my plate then his own. I watch as he puts down the serving spoon before picking up some tongs. "Although I'm yet to see you naked," he adds innocently.
"Fucking hell, Adam!" I burst into laughter, and he grins, happy that he's improved my mood. He chuckles as he puts a hash brown on my plate and two on his own. He grabs some sausages, and leaving him to get the rest of his food, I head over to the fruit area. I take a bowl and balance it on my plate as I eye the food on the counter. I take a bit of the fruit mix, putting it in my bowl tentatively. Adam comes up beside me, picking up a bowl and balancing as I did. I hand him the serving spoon, and our fingers brush lightly, making a spark shoot through me. I watch as he doles some fruit into his bowl, and I realize he's looking at me. I blush as I meet his eyes, and he raises an eyebrow, making my heart skip a beat.
"What's your favorite fruit?" he asks suddenly, peering in the bowl, searching for something.
"What? Oh. Um, melon? I don't know."
"I like apples. Lame. I know," he chuckles, picking out some apple pieces from the mix and dumping them in his bowl. He scoops up a few pieces of melon, putting them in my bowl.
"Thanks. And not lame. Classic," I say with a smile. We go back to our seats and sit down.
"What was that about?" Neil asks with his mouth full.
"None of your business," Adam responds, and I feel Brad looking at me. I glance at him, meeting his blue eyes. His blond hair is wet from his shower, and it's fallen over his eye again.
"You okay?" he asks me, playing with his lip ring with his thumb and forefinger.
"Yeah. Thanks." I smile, and he reaches across the table, touching my hand gently before taking it in his. His hand is warm, his fingers calloused from years of playing bass.
"You can talk to me, yeah?" Still playing with his lip ring, he squeezes my hand reassuringly.
I nod. "Thank you, Brad." He releases my hand, giving me another smile before starting to eat again.
"What the fuck was that?" Neil asks, eyeing the two of us.
"Nothing," Brad says with a shrug, taking a bite of food.
"Something's wrong," he says slowly, raising his eyebrow and looking from Brad to me.
"Neil. Drop it," Barry says, looking at him. Neil opens his mouth to say something but stops as Adam gives him a glare. I look down at my food and pick at my eggs.
"Why don't you start with the melon," Adam suggests, and I nod. I stab a piece with my fork before eating it slowly. The sweet taste floods my mouth, and I almost moan. It's been so long since I've had melon. I couldn't really afford it, and since I didn't want to eat much, either, I wouldn't buy it.
Neil clears his throat before saying, "On a different note, Adam and I were talking, and I mentioned it to Shawn before he went off to get his pancakes, but do you want to come on tour with us?"

eh it wasn't that dramatic y'all probably saw it coming
Okay anyway like Brad is being so cute I love it
And like is Eve weird about her eating thing? I know it's not rly clear what's going on with her, but it's like she eats sporadically and winds up binge eating. All in all, she's super insecure about her body and weight.
Anywayyyyy thanks for reading!! <3
And I say like too much like wtf lmfao

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