What I Love

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"I need to stop smoking," I sigh as toss my packet in the trash.
"I should too, even if I don't have a fucker inside me," Adam chuckles.
"Who has a fucker inside them?" Brad asks, walking out from the back. I jump in surprise, and Adam looks to me nervously.
"Wait," Brad says slowly, looking from Adam to me. "Is she pregnant?"
"Don't be ridiculous!" I say, my voice going high.
"Holy fuck, you are!" Brad grins, his blue eyes sparkling. I groan, throwing up my hands.
"Fine. Okay. I'm pregnant. We didn't want to tell you because, you know, shit could go down at this stage." I pause, looking at him. "You do know what I mean, right?" I add, and he nods.
"I understand. So you don't want me telling the others?"
"I'll tell them after twelve weeks. That's when Vivian said it would most likely be safe. I'd rather them not know anything about this, if something really does happen, you know?"
"Yeah. I get it."
"So you won't tell them, right?" Adam asks warily.
"No. Plus, it's not really my business," Brad chuckles.
"What's not your business?" Neil comes out from the back, Barry right behind him.
"We really should have thought this through," Adam says, rolling his eyes and looking at me. "Absolutely no privacy on this bus."
"What are we talking about?" Barry asks, sitting down on the couch.
"About where Eve and I want to fuck next," Adam responds, making me almost choke.
"Not on this couch, I hope," Barry chuckles, raising an eyebrow.
"Too late now," Adam replies innocently.
"Oh god—" Barry stands up immediately, and Adam starts laughing.
"I'm joking," he laughs, making Barry scowl.
"Fuck you. I don't want your sex juices on me." He rolls his eyes.
"Sex juices?" Brad and I say at the same time. Our eyes meet, and we burst into laughter.
"Sweet feminine sex juices," Neil comments, making us laugh harder.
"God, Neil," Adam laughs, doubled over from laughing too hard. This is how I always want it to be. Practically crying from laughing over inappropriate things. This is what I love.

"Sex juices" smh Barry
anyway kinda a filler chapter but SHIT'S GONNA GO DOWN SOON SORRY NOT SORRY

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