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"What's this?"
"What?" I look up from my clothes to see Adam lying on my bed, peering under it. He pulls out my orange violin case and sits up, placing it on his lap. "My violin."
"You play?" He looks at me, stroking the material of the case as he raises an eyebrow at me. Normally, I would punch anyone who'd even think about touching my violin—even just the case—but with Adam, I don't mind.
"A little," I reply, going back to folding my clothes.
"How much is a little?" Before I can reply, he asks, "Can I look at it? I swear I won't break it."
"Sure. And her," I correct him.
"What's her name?" I hear him unzipping the case.
"Grace," I laugh, blushing a bit as Adam chuckles.
"Holy shit. She's gorgeous," he gasps, and I look at him. He's carefully holding my violin by the neck as he peers at the strings. "Can you play something?"
"What? No!" I blush, and he meets my eyes.
"I suck," I tell him before blushing deeply again. "Oh god."
Adam bursts into laughter, and I cover my face in embarrassment. "I would hope you do," he says after moment.
"ADAM!" I throw down my hands and look at him.
"Inappropriate?" he smirks, his blue eyes sparkling. "You're the one who offered."
"Adam, please," I groan, my face burning as I stand up. He lifts my violin, trying to hand it to me.
"Suck your dick or play the violin?" I ask without thinking. I gasp and cover my mouth as my face flushes even more.
"Preferably both, but I'd take you to dinner before requesting the first one," he responds without missing a beat.
"At least you're a gentleman," I reply wryly.
"Least I can do." He shrugs, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously. He extends his hand again, trying to get me to take my violin.
"Okay. Okay. Can you please, like, stuff my clothes in my bag while I tune up?" I grab my bow, turning the adjustment button to tighten the horsehair. As I reach in my violin case, I watch Adam crouch down, leaning forward on his hands and knees to grab some of my shirts. His black button up shirt rides up a bit, exposing his lower back and the waistband of his boxers. My breath catches in my throat, and I almost drop the rosin in my hand. He sits back, tugging on the back of his shirt before starting to fold my clothes. I tear my eyes off him and slide the rosin across the bow a few times, trying to think of what I'm going to play.
"Are you ready?" he asks, glancing at me as he folds my one of my hoodies.
"I'm stalling," I respond, putting away the rosin and tightening the bow a bit more.
"Do you usually play in front of people?"
"Never. I don't really like it." I pick up my violin, putting on the shoulder rest and positioning it on my shoulder. I play the A string, tuning it before playing together with the E string, and tuning that string. As I play the A string and D together, I see Adam watching me carefully, his hands still on one of my shirts. He absently folds it messily, his eyes on my fingers on the pegs under the scroll of my violin. His eyes flicker to my bow as I finally play the D string with the G, tuning all of the strings.
"You're okay with playing in front of me?" he asks after a moment.
"I guess. The fact that I didn't punch you for touching her should tell you something," I chuckle, and the corners of his lips turn up slightly as he smirks.
"What are you going to play?" He stands up, running a hand through his hair before sitting near me on my bed. I chew my lip, taking my violin off my shoulder for a moment as I think.
"I don't know. I'm too embarrassed to play something of yours." I look down at my feet before saying, "Okay. Got it. Prepare your ears." I place my violin on my shoulder again and take a deep breath, closing my eyes before playing the first note. I've never really liked classical music, so it's ironic that the only instrument I've ever learned to play is the violin. Mozart, however, is one of the very few composers that I actually like—love, to be honest. The Concerto No. 5 in A Major is probably my favorite piece by him, and as I play, I feel myself smiling slightly. I keep my eyes closed as I play, trying to focus on my fingers.
"Fuck," Adam breathes softly, and I finally open my eyes. He looks at me, his blue eyes wide in astonishment as I continue to play. He smiles as our eyes meet, and I realize I hadn't been breathing. I let out a slow breath as I draw out a note before inhaling and playing again. Just as I'm about to finish the first part, my finger slips, and I miss a note.
"Fuck," I snap under my breath, fixing my mistake before coming to the finish. "God dammit," I groan as I lower my violin. Adam claps, standing up and coming over to me.
"That was fucking amazing. How long have you been playing?" I glance at him, and he tilts his head to the side, a smile still playing on his lips.
"Since I was 2 or something. I didn't really start playing then, though," I reply, loosening my bow so the wood won't bend.
"Oh wow." He watches as I reach around him and bend over to put my bow back in the case. He puts a hand on my lower back, making me flinch in surprise. My cheeks flush, and I clean off the rosin from the strings quickly before putting Grace in the case after taking off the shoulder rest. I place it by the neck part of my violin and close the case, zipping it up before standing again. Adam's hand lightly brushes my ass, and my breath catches in my throat. I've personally known this man for less than two days, and yet, he makes me feel emotions that I've never really felt before. He's mesmerizing. Makes my stomach erupt in butterflies. Makes sparks fly through my body when we touch. I just hope he feels the same way.

This chapter fucked me up like yes Adam yes
On another note, I actually do play the violin, not that anyone cares, but I just wanted to throw that out there lmfao
Anywayyyy thanks so much for reading!! xx

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