High for this

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2 weeks later

Prod POV

I walk in and I turn up
Pockets full of them hundreds
Boy I know that you want it
Oh my God you got Omarion in your city
It's maybach maybach
So baby boy relax and hop in that maybach maybach
Girl you wannna follow my protocol
As long as your clothes keep falling off
It's Gucci gucci
I won't waste your time
Let me serenade your mind tonight

Let me serenade your mind tonight
I'm a do you right all right boy
I will show you what I got in mind
When you arch your back
I love it when you do it like that boy

Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
For me yeah
Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
When you arch your back I love it when you do it like that boy

The music boomed throught the club as men stripped and danced. I had my eye on this one. I guess he saw me eyeing him. He walked closer staring deep into my eyes. Soon he wa standing right above. Sweat beating down his toned chest. He sat on my lap and began to grind on me. Still keeping eye contact. I reached my hnd over to the table and grabbed a molly. My 3rd to be exact. He contiued grinding on me bt harder. I could feel myself rising. I grabbed my blunt and lit it. He took my blunt and smoked it while still grinding on me. He leaned over to my ear and whispered

"I can take care of your little roblem down their" I nodded my head. He stood up and grabbed my hand leading me to a private room. He began to give me a strip show. I felt myself rise even more. I need him, but in head its screaming to leave and check on khalil and my kids. But then again who cares, im not a good father, i lost my dad, my baby boy, and my kids all because of one person.

As i was deep thought i hadnt even notice this guy giving me head. It felt good.

I finally came and gave him his money. I took another molly and sniffed before i left. I went by the hospital to see khalil.

-15 minutes later-

I arrived at the hospital and went staight to khalils room. He still in a coma but he is responsive. I held his hand and began to speak.

"H-hey khalil. I just came to say hi and good-bye. I bet your wondering why good-bye right? well i started do drugs you popping mollys, smoking weed, and sniffing too. After you left i was lost. It was my only way. After i leave here im going to see the twins for my last time. Then im going to go kill boss. Yeah im probaly not going to make it but i wanted to tell you that i love you and never stopped. Im leaving the twin with issa and my mom. I see he makes you happy and treats you better than i did. I sorry for all the things i put you through. I hope you forgive me, tell the twins about me. I love you" i said with tears going down my face. I felt him squeeze my hand.

"Im sory, i have to leave" i said letting go of his hand. I drove straight to issa house. I knocked on the door.

"Hey prod whats wrong?" he asked rocking kiara to sleep. I stepped in and saw my mom holding ka'jai.

"Can i hold them?" i said. They both let me hold them

"Hey little ones. Its daddy. I just wanted to say i love you and goodbye" i said with tears

"goodbye?" issa said

"Listen i want yall to be good to daddy ma and issa and grandma and uncle jacob, roc, and ray and aunt zahia and jordan. Be strong! take care of daddy ma little man and princess no boys! I will always be watching. I love yall" i said. i rocked them and they fell asleep. I place them in their bed.

"Prod what was that about?" my mom asked

"Listen mama i love you take care of my kids, issa be good to them and khalil he loves you ok, ill be watching. I left over 150k in my bank account for them ok" i said

"Where are you going?" issa asked

"To take care of some business, i love yall and goodbye" i said hugging them and walking out the door. I ignored all the the calling of my name. I walked straight to the dope house. I went to my room and grabbed my 9mm gun. I sniffed the last of my stash and went to boss room.

"Well hello prod" he said with goons standing beside him holding their guns and ????? with their gun

"Why are you here?" i said

"???? has a task for me" boss said

"You trader!!" i said

"Im sorry" ???? said.

"Hey boss, i killed your wife years ago" i said and with that i shot him in the chest. I knew he loved his wife dearly and that he has been looking for years who did it but he killed my father. He had to pay.

"Kill him" boss said I saw 5 guns pointed at me


ullet after bullet. I feel to the floor. My breathing became slower and slower. My vision blurred. I saw him and ????? stand over me

"Now is chance, you wanted to kill him! do it or i kill one of yours" he said to ????

"Im sorry" ???? said pointing agun to my head

A love is a once in a lifetime thing. God has showed us mercy. Through jesus christ we are saved. He loves us flaws and all. Father i ask for forgiveness. Protect my family, Lord i know i dont deserve mercy but spare my family and friends. Goodbye cruel world-amen








I took in my last breath

































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