words spoken

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Zahia POV

School was basiclly over. No let me restate that- the bloodybattle is over. It was on my mind all day. i cant help but worry about my buddy. Then the note that prod gave me, then ray, then i remembered. ROC!! Where did he go and why did he do that? Why was he mad jacb didnt kiss back. Why almost beat him to death. I know he saw me so now i fear knowing he is associated with prod. What if he beats me to? Did he send the note?

As i was deep in thought i thought i might go to the hospital and visit jacob. I hope hes ok. I took out my ipod and began listening to music walking to the hospital. As jammed to rihanna(loveee song) i felt hands on my shoulders. I turned around only to see..................

Jacob POV

All i can hear is someone crying. The voice sounds familiar but i cant really think straight. My head hurts like hell. All i remember is someone screaming my name and help. After that i blacked out. I tried to open my eyes but i just couldnt. Well not fully. I only got a glismpe of the person. It looked like....no it cant be.

"Im sorry im so so so sorry" the voice said. "I lo-lo"

Then he kept crying. was he going to say he loved me? I tried to speak but a groan escaped. When i did that i guess he left.


I wanted to say it so badly but if i did he wouldnt believe me. Hell i wouldnt believe me either. All the hell i put him through i wouldnt be surpised if he hated me. I heard a groan so i got up and left. I left so he wouldnt see me.




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