No love from a past

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Zahia POV

Ok know im kinda worried.

1)roc kissed jacob

2)jacob fears roc

3)jacob almost died

4)this prod kid is stranger and scares me a lil

5)this damn note- whos my lover and how does he know me?

Well off to class i guess. English. This the only class cause i ray is there. Even though i just meet him hes really chill. Plus he cute!!! I walked in and took my seat by ray.

"Hey Za" he said


"Yeh its your nickname"

"Why ZA?"

"Its you" he said

I blushed and put my head down to hid it. then i felt his hand on my chin pulling it up to face him. I just looked in his eyes. His beautiful brown eyes then i looked at his lips. Omg how perfect and kissable they looked. I guess he noticed me staring at his lips and smiled a bit.

"Like what you see?" he asked

"N-NO!!" i said lieing and blushing

"Mhmm" he said with a smirk. then class started.


I ran not knowing where im going. I hope zahia didnt see my face. I hope she dont tell. I hope jacob doesnt hate me. I hope i didnt hurt him too bad. Im so confused. Why did i kiss him. Why didnt he kiss back? Why do i care, its been almost a year since this happened. UGHHH!!! I hope prod doesnt find out. If he does shit gonna happen. I cant show my face but i know i have to face prod when i get home. I got a text from prod.

text convo:

{ProdtheG} I know what you did! the note was to zahia. HA bitch gunna die. Oh yea ur lil boyfriend in the hospital. PS- boss knows what did!!!!

UGH im such a screw-up. Boss is going to have my ass tonight. If you havent noticed im in a small but powerfiul gang. My parents gave me up so boss took me in. Thats when he sent me here to live with prod n his crew and then i meet jacob. He was my buddy (ROD even) He was the only one who cared about me. He knew my past why i was here and the gang. He let stay with him some night when his parents were gone or when prod and the crew beat me. I guess thats why i like him the that kiss happened and i could express myself the right way. I was told when you love something you beat it(stupid right but not to me). I guess thats why no one wants or loves me.

Maybe i should go visit jacob at the hospital and say sorry.


I went to the front desk and asked to visit jacob perez. She said he was in room 143 in a coma

As i walked in he was hooked up to different wires and cables. Did i really beat him that bad? I feel terrible, stupid, and like a coward. Why does everything i love i hurt. I sat in a chair next to his bed. H e looked so lifeless and pal. I grabbed his hand and just looked at him. I noticed all the bruises and cuts i gave him. I didnt know i was crying until i saw the tears on our hands.

"Im sorry, i didnt mean to put you here. I didnt mean to beat you. Im trying to change buddy its just-jus complicated. You know me better than i know myself." i chuckled "i remember when we first meet, are first sleep over, i remember when you taught me how to swim and when i taught you how to ride a bike. I also remember our first kiss. Im sorry i shouldnt have pulled away. Im sorry fro today. I lo-lo" I couldnt even finish i was just balling my eyes out.







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