for your safety

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Zahia POV

I felt hands on my shoulders. I turned around only to see Naomi and Jordan.


"Hey guys wassup" i asked.

N-Nuin much just walking home.

Me-oh kool yall live together?

J-yes were step sisters

Me- cool

J- You live this way?

Me- no just going to visit jacob

N- I heard he in a coma, but who would beat him so badly?

(I know who)

Me- Idk

J-well tell we said feel better if hes up yah know

Me- will do bye

J&N- bye

Well back to walking to the hospital i go. I finally made it to the hospital. I checked in at the front desk. When the lady asked for my name. She also imformed me im that i was the second person to visit him. I wonder who visited him earlier. She also told he just woke up. Well that great news for him. But why did chres kiss him?

I made it to the room and saw jacob. He looked so beat and that he had been crying. His eyes were red, puffy face, bruises all over, black eye, and cables hooked to him. I felt so bad. He noticed me their and just hid his face. I walked over to him.

'Hey jacob you ok"(stupid question)

"Yea ive been better" he said. It was silent for a while til he spoke again

"How much did you see?"

"All" i said looking away. I could tell he was staring at me.

"im not going to tell, i promise" I said to ease his worry

He let out a deep sign and said "Thanks for helping me"

"Welcome, but why did chres kiss you?"

He stayed silent and let out a long sign. I could tell this was deep for him.

Jacob POV

I guess im going to have to tell her. I dont want to see her get her. She needs to know for her own safety. I pray she doesnt judge me.

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