truth is....

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Text convo:

P- Ouch but its cool


P-im sorry

Z-its ok just i have a question and answer honestly plez

P- aight

Z- whats up with you and roc?

P-ummm..... i just dont like him.


P- hesjust a jerk and stuff

Z-but wernt yall like bestfriends?

P- how did you know that?


P-tell me

Z- well naomi n jordantold me cause i wa worried about you

P- oh well its ok and yeh we were but not anymore


P- sooooooo you were worried about me huh??

Z- yeh as a friend  (lies)

P- mhmmmm welll can i tell you sumthing

Z-yeah sure

P-i think ur cute

Z- i think ur cute 2

P- ik ik


P- i cud tell when you helped me you were staring at my lips

Z- oh...........well i gtg gud nite jacob

P-night peace and c u tomorrow

Wow he likes me!!!

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