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who wants my page

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As y'all know I'm barely on here. Been so busy with life in general. But I hope y'all understand that school comes first in my eyes and I'm a senior now (c/o 2017)
Y'all can follow me on IG- _iluvit_ or add me on
Snapchat - caramel.goddesk
Where I post on my life. Because Tbh majority of the book is about my friends and family and things I go through so when you bash the characters its a real person in or that was in my life but like I said in my sc you will get to know the real characters .

AMOS: caramel.goddesk
IG: _iluvit_
Y'all wanna Kik me to have this page also just DM or snap me and I'll give it to you 😊
Peace love
#nice 😚

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