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Tears shed

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I forgive you

i forgive you

I forgive you

Those words just replayed in my head over and over again. I was in shock. I just put my head in her chest and cried tears of joy. God heard my cries. Hes giving me a chance. He giving me a chance. Thank you lord.

"But" she said. I started to shake. Fearing what she would say next. I looked up at her with a confused face filled with regrets. Regrets of everything i did in life. All the people i hurt, all the people i pushed away. She stare at me and continued.

"But you have to regain your trust from me. It not all gone tho. And you have to apologize to jacob." she said staring me down. I was all for apologizing that wasnt the problem. The problem would be me standing in the same room with and not cry my eyes out. 2) Him agreeing to meet me. 3) Him forgiving me. This is going to take some time.

"But he wont forgive me" I said looking down with tears falling from my face. "He probaly hates me and cant stand the sight of me"

"He doesnt hate you, just give him some time ok" she said hugging me.

"Thanks, thaks for forgiving me and gving me another chane; i've been a wreck for this past month. Only thing keeping me saine is my journal,god, and seeing jacob smile at the flowers" i said looking at the pond.

"Yeah, wait! Your the one who sends those flowers everyday?"

"Yeah, it was the only thing i thought he would like and put a smile on his face"

"Wow, jacobs been telling me about those, he loves them. But why do you send them?"

"I figure since i caused so much hurt in his life, why not give him something beautiful, to see the brightside of the world" I said still facing the pond.

"Can i ask you something?'

"Yeah" i said

"Why did you kiss jacob?"

I turned my head to look deep in her eyes. She really wanted to know. I cant really describe the feelings of why i did to her so i handed her my journal. She looked a me then the journal.

"Read it" i said

She took the journal in her hands and opened it. She began to read. I just stared at her reading. She had a blank expression on her face. I couldnt tell what she was thinking. 30 MInutes passed and she looked up. A tear slipped from her eye. She grabbed my arm and pushed up my sleave revealing rope marks and bruise from the night before. She came closer and pulled me into a tight hug.

I dont know what came over me but i just felt save with her. I began to cry. She patted my back and whispered in my ear "I hear for you buddy, if you want you can stay with me" I just began to cry tears of joy. I had a friend. Someone who cared for me. I didnt feel so alone any more, i felt comfort.

Zahia POV

After reading his journal, I couldnt beleave what i read. His love for jacob is so strong. Then his past was heartbreaing. All he needed was so one who cared and that was jacob. Is jacob. Jacob still cares for him, deep down inside. And what prod has been doing to him, no wonder he sleeps in class and misses lunch.

I fell God has sent me to him to save him from this hell he has been through. And i accept the challenge. Its going to take some time but thats ok with me. And go a second knowing i could've helped someone and didnt-No thats not me. I did what any good friend would do

"Roc, do you want to stay with me for the night?"

He shoke his head yes and smiled.

We got up and went back to my house. In the back of my mind i have this gut feeling someone is still watching me. Who? and Why? are my main questions. I brushed it off and continued to walk.

?????? POV

So roc wants to live with her now. He wants to escape me, huh? They better watch out cause this is strike 2 for her. As for roc, ha, prod has him covered. But i have to punish prod for not watching him. Oh what shall i do, hmmmm. Maybe kill his sister, or beat his mother again, or beat him? Yeah that it beat him.


{Boss) Meet in the alley, now

{All} Ok

They all showed up. I called prod to attention, He had a look of confusion and fear. It was funny as hell. I took out my gun and pointed it in the center of his head. He started to sweat and shake.

"I told you to keep an eye on him, and you didnt, now should i shoot you or kill a loved one" i said

"Or just beat you and show you whos boss round here?"

I called over my 5 toughest, mercifulless guys.

"Beat him till i say stop"

They did as they were told. About 45 minutes later i told them to stop. He was lying on the ground beat up. He couldnt even move. Aw he looked so helpless. I went around so he could see my face. I stared at him. He had tears in his eyes. I kicked him in the stomach. He spit up a bunch of blood. I would of kicked him again if he got blood on my retro 5 grapes. I knelt down to his level ang lifted his chin up.

"Remeber whos boss" and with that me and the boys left him in the alley. He'll be ok, hes a tough boy.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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